Full Of Feasters

There’s a place you can go where all the people you meet are full of feasters. They are chock-a-block crammed full of feasters, they are positively brimming over with them. They’re not really people at all therefore but just sacks of feasters. These feaster-sacks still manage to maintain the superficial image or appearance of being people of course – this is a necessary camouflage. If you actually saw these feasters you would of course find them repulsive beyond belief. If you see something like this it will seriously disturb you. It will disturb you real bad. The point is however that we never actually do see it.


No one sees this type of stuff – we’re not meant to see it and we don’t. Why don’t we ever see the feasters, you might ask? If you’re at all curious, anyway (and I find it very hard to understand how you couldn’t be). We don’t see the feasters because they control our consciousness so that we only see what they want us to see – and needless to say they don’t want us seeing them. That would give the game away. We’d be too busy throwing up to do anything. They aren’t very pleasant to look at, as I believe I have already mentioned. The feasters direct our attention towards the consensual hallucinations, the generic images which are all we know of reality. Then they tweak the images to induce either fear or greed, which they can then feed upon. Which they can then feast on at their leisure, like cats that have got the cream.


Some feasters seem to prefer to manipulate the perceptions of their hosts so as to induce high level of anger or anxiety, which quickly reduces their unfortunate victims to burnt-out husks. I can’t understand why they would want to do this – it’s clearly not a good long-term solution. I can only assume that these feasters are themselves crazed in some way, that they are themselves addicted to very extreme levels of fear and anger. That’s only a few of the feasters, however. A small but vicious minority. For the most part the feasters manage very well at keeping their hosts in reasonably good shape. The hosts are allowed to keep the superficial appearance of being fully autonomous beings. The hosts in question are entirely convinced that this is the case – this is after all the impression that the feasters are providing them with! If the jolly old feasters tell me that I’m fully autonomous then that’s good enough for me. I’ll go along with that…


So the non-destructive feasters aren’t so bad, apparently. Or rather that’s what you might think if you were going by surface-level appearances (which of course most people do). They’re clearly not as bad as the other sort, you might think. Only they are as bad, if not worse. They’re worse because they are subtle. You’re better off being visibly destroyed sometimes, in my opinion. It’s more honest – you know what you’re dealing with. The less-destructive type of feaster releases a type of subtle poison into its hosts, which tames them. It’s a form of unconscious self-doubt, really – you develop this kind of fear inside you which tells you that you’re nothing, that you’re nobody. You feel that you’d better go along with things because there isn’t any choice. You assume that the people who are in power must be right; you become helpless and impotent. You feel weak and frightened inside. You just want to stay out of sight and go along with whatever it is that’s going on because bad things might happen to you otherwise. That’s what the poison does to you. You can trust me on this – I know what I’m talking about here. I know about the feasters, I’ve seen them face to face.


‘So where exactly is this place where the people are all full of feasters?’, you ask, letting on that you don’t know. ‘Why’, I reply, ‘it’s a little old place called Planet Earth. Where else would you think it was?’






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