Interacting with the RBE


I was interacting lawfully with the rule-based environment. “Interact lawfully with the rule-based environment, interact lawfully with the rule-based environment, interact lawfully with the rule-based environment…” I kept telling myself. Or rather my mind kept telling. That was my mind speaking, not me. Or rather – just to be accurate on this point – that was what my mind was telling me over and over again in a most insistent fashion only it was more like subconscious programming than actual words that you could hear. I couldn’t hear anything. The instructions just went straight into my subconscious causing me to obey them without question, without actually knowing that I was obeying anything. It was all just subconscious programming, as I have already said…


If I interact correctly with the RBE then I will be able to express my personality in my own individual way,’ I told myself. Or rather my mind told me. That was my mind speaking, not me. Or rather, that was my mind implanting ideas straight into my subconscious so that I never got a chance to chew them over first. You know how it works! You know the score. Subconscious programming is the name of the game, isn’t it? You’re not stupid, after all – you know it works as well as I do!


‘If I interact successfully with the RBE then I will be able to realize my dreams’, I told myself. Over and over again, super-insistently, in case by some mad fluke it hadn’t sunk in the first hundred million times. Or rather… – well, you know the drill at this stage. You know how it goes. I don’t need to spell it out for you do I? You can fill in the blanks yourself – save us both a bit of time here…


So that’s about it really. It’s all about interacting with the RBE in a way that is lawful, correct and – hopefully – successful. If we do that then we’ll be able to express our unique individuality and – again hopefully – realize our most cherished dreams into the bargain. That’s the bonus prize. To be able to make our dreams come true. Actualize them. Realize them. Manifest them. Whatever. If we interact with the RBE in the way that we’re supposed to then we’ll be able attract all that good stuff, all that success that we so badly want. Or rather all the stuff that the ubiquitous subconscious programming tells us we want! That’s how it works, isn’t it? You know the score as well as I do. You’re not stupid, after all. You know the score. We’re all wise to what’s going on here. Obey your subconscious programming and you’ll be free, right? Isn’t that what the subconscious programming keeps telling us?




Image: It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt By





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