The Word on the Street

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The word on the street is that there’s a whole new thing that’s happening, a whole new buzz…


The word is that it’s not like anything else – it’s a whole different story. Whatever it is that’s going down, it’s like nothing anyone’s ever seen before.


Of course there are people that have no time for this talk, people who say that it’s very bad news – the worse sort of news there is. So there’s also this. There’s those who say to watch out, those who say we should be very careful indeed about this new buzz, this new thing that’s going down. There’s fear on the street because of this – rumours of something terrible that might be going to happen if we’re not careful. They say this is the sort of a thing which no right-thinking person would have anything to do with. A very bad kind of a thing. A dangerous thing. An immoral thing.


I don’t believe that though. I believe there’s a reason why some people don’t like to hear that there’s something new about to happen, something that’s not like all the stuff that has been happening (the stuff which is supposed to be good but which isn’t). Not like the stuff we’re fed on every day. There’s a lot of people out there who have just got far too much to lose, people who have too much invested in the old stuff. The bad old stuff. The rotten dirty old stuff that’s been keeping us down. The stuff they keep ramming down our throats every day. The stuff you see on TV the whole time. The shitty old stuff you read about in the papers year after year.


That’s why they don’t like to hear about the new buzz on the street. That’s why all this talk makes them afraid, why they don’t want us to be paying attention to the rumours. There’s nothing scarier to them than something new, something they don’t have any control over…


But the new thing is happening. It’s coming. The new buzz is coming. I don’t know what it’s all about. No one knows what it’s about – that’s how new it is. Nobody knows. No one  knows what its going to be like.


But the word on the street is that it’s going to be pretty amazing…









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