Maybe Kirkegaard Was onto Something…



There are times when I consider the hideous toxic inanity of humankind’s preoccupations that it seems to me that this is the best proof of all of God’s non-existence. Why would He tolerate such an appalling travesty? Given the rich fields of creative possibility that are open to us on all sides, the fact that we insist so tirelessly on iterating and reiterating the vile nonsense of our daily habitual preoccupations to the exclusion of all else seems to me nothing short of an obscenity. In religious terms, it must surely count as a blasphemy of the highest order, an insult thrown back in the face of God. How can the Divinity put up with such monstrously perverse display of ingratitude? This doesn’t make any sense to me at all, that God would see fit to countenance such a filthy insult to all that is profound and mysterious. Humankind, it seems to me, actively celebrates the banal and the tawdry, the cheap and the nasty, the crude and the crass, in the face of the most immense and solemn of mysteries. I cannot understand how any Deity would permit this. Then I recollect how Kierkegaard says that perhaps the Creator is an ironic deity who gave people to gift of the speech in order that he may amuse himself laughing at the nonsense that gets talked. Maybe Kierkegaard was onto something there, it occurs to me: maybe God is giving us as much rope as we want so that He can then sit back and see just what kind of a hideous mess we get ourselves into. Kierkegaard may not have been serious when he wrote that but I cannot help suspecting that he might have been onto something there…





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