Life’s a Trip


Life’s a trip, I told myself. Life’s a trip and we’re on the trip. We’re in the trip. We’re tripping in the trip but we don’t know it’s a trip. We think that it’s not a trip. We’re tripping out in the trip but we think it’s real. I could see it now – it had all become clear to me now. So clear. And then the next thing was that I  couldn’t see it at all. I couldn’t see anything. Nothing was clear to me, not a thing…


I went right back to the start. I began again, learning it all over again. Slowly, painfully, hesitantly. Life’s a trip, I said to myself, when I had learned what I had to learn. It’s all just a trip but we don’t know it. It’s the type of a trip that we don’t know to be a trip – the type of a trip we take very seriously, as if it weren’t a trip at all. It’s not as if people come up to you and say “What you’re experiencing is not a trip.” It’s not as if they come up to you say “It’s not a trip you know – it’s quite real” They might as well tell us this, though. They say this by implication, so that it bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight into the subconscious…


This is where my paranoia comes in. They tell us that it isn’t a trip but it is. Now why would they want to do that, I ask myself. Why would they want to make out that it isn’t a trip when it is? What’s behind it all? What’s the racket? I know people will come up to me when I say this and ask me who I think ‘they’ are. Who exactly are we on about here – is it the Illuminati or the Scientologists or the Futurologists or the Freemasons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses or who?


Well go ahead and laugh. That what I say. Have a good old laugh for yourselves. Have a good old belly laugh. Let it all out. Doesn’t that make you feel all smug and superior in yourselves to do that? Doesn’t that make you feel real secure in your superiority? You get to be the one who pokes fun at the stupid conspiracy theorist. You get to be the smart one. You get to be the copped-on one, not the dumb one, not the stupid dumb-arse.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead and laugh. Go ahead and have a good old laugh for yourselves. Shake it all out. There’s no ‘they’ you say. Cop onto yourself. There’s only ‘us’. There’s only us chickens. There’s no Illuminati. But the thing is that it doesn’t matter if there’s a they or if there isn’t a they. If it’s ‘them’ or if it’s ‘us’ who are trying to tell us that it’s not a trip. What difference does that make? Either way we’re sold on the big official story that it isn’t all a trip, that it’s actually all very real and very serious. We might think that we are all so smart because we haven’t fallen for any bullshit stories but we’ve swallowed the biggest one going. We’ve swallowed the story that what’s going on is actually real and not a trip at all. We’ve swallowed the bullshit story that it’s all very serious…


What’s the bloody pay-off though? That’s what I want to know. You can’t tell me that there’s no pay-off to all this. Well, you can tell me this but I’m not going to buy it. I’m not going to believe it. I know full well that it’s all a scam. I know full well that’s there’s some sort of a pay-off. If someone is taking you for a ride then there’s always a pay-off. Why else would they go to the trouble of scamming you? If someone is taking you for a ride then there’s one thing that we know for sure and that’s that there’s got to be a pay-off. They’re getting something out of it alright but I’m just not sure what…










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