Unreality Syndrome


There’s this world called the unreal world, only there isn’t really of course because there’s no such place. It doesn’t exist. It never did (or could) exist because it isn’t real. You couldn’t even invent it. Anyway, so there’s this plan – although I shouldn’t be saying it here – to sneakily bring in stuff from the unreal world into this world and pass it off as being real, and then sell it to people, by putting a spin on it so as to create a buzz, creating some hype, creating a kudos around it so that everyone wants it and everyone gets jealous of anyone who already has some, or at least anyone who says that they do, and then it kind of gets a name for itself which means that more and more people are willing to put in offers for it or gamble their stake for it or make deals for it – trading in the real stuff for the unreal. Eventually the idea is that the substitution process reaches the point of being irreversible or non-returnable. A lot of things are ALREADY unreal at this stage, believe it or not. A lot of the food we eat is unreal. A lot of the things people talk about on TV, on the news and on current affairs programmes and chat shows are all unreal. Many of our ideas are unreal. Most of our ideas are unreal. A lot of the stuff we think about, in private, without telling anyone about it, is totally unreal. The unreal has already reached a very good level of kudos and everyone’s getting buzzed about it. We all want more and more of it and those of us who haven’t got any of the stuff at all yet are extremely keen to get hold of some. Nobody wants to miss out. Nobody wants to come out of it looking like a loser! And we might as well face it we’re all desperate not to end up being the losers at the bottom of the pile, the ones who never got a slice of the pie. Somebody’s got to lose out for sure but as long as it’s not me that’s fine, right? And so there’s this buzz going on – it’s a happening kind of a feeling that going on and everybody wants some. There’s a nasty undercurrent of anxiety too because we all have this feeling that maybe we are destined to lose out big time and come away with nothing. The plan is working very well indeed you see its gathering momentum all the time. Let’s face it, people are awful eager to be fooled!



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