Remembering The Thing


I was on my way back from work, grumbling to myself as usual about this, that and the other, when suddenly – out of the blue – I remembered the thing. “Oh my god!” I said, “The Thing!!!” I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten the thing. “Oh my god,” I marvelled, “I forgot all about the thing!!” Then all the way home I kept on saying to myself, “The thing is so great! The thing is so great! The thing is so great!” I was over the moon. I was in a state of exultation. I had remembered the thing and the thing was wonderful. It was so great to have remembered it.


I got home and went straight to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, still saying to myself all the time, “The thing’s so great! The thing’s so great! The thing’s so great!” I started to drink the tea, my head all in a spin with how great it all was. I couldn’t get over it. “The thing is so great!” I marvelled for the millionth time. Just then, as I was draining off the last drop of my tea, and regretting in passing the fact that I hadn’t had any digestive biscuits left to dip into it, it occurred to me that I didn’t know what the thing was any more. I knew it was great. I knew it was totally fantastic. I knew it was incredibly marvellous. But the problem was I couldn’t remember what it was. I didn’t have the slightest clue what it was!


“What was the thing? What was the thing? What was the thing?” I kept asking myself, in agony. But no answer came. I couldn’t remember anything about the thing. “I’ve forgotten the thing! I’ve forgotten the thing! I’ve forgotten the thing!” I wailed loudly, full of pain and desolation.


I couldn’t believe that I had remembered it like that, out of the blue, and then straightaway forgotten it again. I felt like beating my head against the wall. I didn’t know what to do with myself other than to curse and continually recriminate against myself for being so stupid as to forget it. “Why didn’t I write it down when I had the chance?” I moaned. “How could I have been so hideously stupid?”


Then as time went on I calmed down and it no longer seemed like such a big deal. Eventually I pretty much forgot about the whole incident and just got on with my life, doing the kind of ordinary everyday kind of things that I always do, not really bothering much about the fact that I had forgotten all about the thing…




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