The Right Thing

Earlier this afternoon I had my weekly appointment with Colin my life-coach and in the session he said all the right things. I came out of the Wellness Centre feeling brilliant. I was feeling really positive, I was feeling on top of the world. Then I met my girlfriend Helen for a coffee and she said all the right things. After that I phoned up Jonathon to go over a few business details and he said all the right things too. I was having a great day. Absolutely spot on. I felt wonderful. On the drive home I tuned into the local station on the car radio and the DJ – whoever he was – added to my great mood because he said all the right things as well. What a great day I was having. I was soaring. Could things get any better? I parked the car in the street outside my house and made my way through the front gate and up towards my front door. As I went to unlock the door I saluted my neighbour Ken who was up to something or other in his front garden. I don’t know what he was doing – Ken is a funny kind of a guy if you ask me. Peculiar sort of a chap. Strikes me as being a bit on the nosy side, if you know what I mean. Typical kind of a neighbour really. Bit of a weirdo. Then Ken said something to me and what he said wasn’t the right thing at all. In fact it was the wrong thing to say – my mood took a nose-dive. I made some kind of a reply as I quickly rushed into the house, trying to cover up my feelings. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was raging. I was livid. I felt like punching him right on the nose. I felt like killing him, to be honest. Trust that weirdo Ken to say the wrong thing and ruin everything…


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