Your Best Life


The best kind of life is the kind of life where your ego gets validated every step of the way, the kind of life where there are new challenges every day and yet where you succeed brilliantly at every one of them. It’s a >>Fast Forward>> type of a life where you are always racing ahead recklessly and yet somehow it always works out perfectly, it always works out for you despite the frantic crazy manic helter-skelter rush of it all. You’re practically hysterical with all the ego-validation and the outrageous crazy heedless reckless speed of it all. You’re off your head, drunk on ego-vindication, but you’re enjoying every moment of it.



Never any bad feelings, that’s the main thing. That’s the most important thing – that there’s never any bad feelings to have to deal with. That everything always works out and that you always come out on top. Never anything bad, there are never any nasty moments of self-doubt and runaway personal negativity, no vicious self-loathing or scalding self-recrimination or any of that kind of stuff. That’s how you know that you’re having the very best kind of life, that’s when you know that you’re living your best possible life. You owe it to yourself after all, you owe it to yourself because if you fail to achieve it (and have to put up with some kind of crappy, substandard life for yourself instead) then you know you’re never going to forgive yourself.



We all know that feeling, don’t we? That horrible feeling where we’re seeking forgiveness or acceptance or whatever it is; we’re seeking and seeking and seeking but nothing good ever comes our way. We’re trying and trying but we are nevertheless still being treated as a pariah wherever we go. We are still the lowest of the low. We are going to be the lowest of the low regardless of whatever we do and so we’re just going to have to accept that. However we might do that. Only that’s not going to be easy, only that’s going to be the exact opposite of easy. No one else has any time for you and you don’t have any time for yourself either and that’s just how it is. You despise yourself for failing and that’s that’s all there is to it…



How to lead your best life – that’s what we all want to know, isn’t it? How to live your best life. Although it is never actually going to be possible to know what that is, of course. And it’s never going to be possible to know whether you’re leading your best life or whether you’re not. How would you know, after all? How the hell would you know? It’s not as if there’s going to be some kind of sign from above to let you know! There are no experts waiting in the wings, who are going to come running to your rescue, giving you the answers that you need.



The truth is that you’ll never know. The truth is that you’ll never know and so your only option is to keep on telling yourself that you are leading your best life. You are you are you are. Or keep on telling yourself that you’re not, if that’s your bag. And it could be your bag, it could very easily be your bag. Why not? It doesn’t actually matter however which way you choose to spin it, if the truth were to be known. It’s perfectly fine either way. It doesn’t matter in the least and that’s the perplexing thing! That’s the thing that confuses us so much. It really doesn’t matter a damn either way…







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