Hitting The Sweet Spot

When I do the good thing I like to reward myself by affirming the worth of what I have just done. That’s good I tell myself, that’s good, that’s nice, that’s good, that’s nice, that’s good, that’s nice. You did the good thing and that’s good, I advise myself. It is very important to reward oneself because otherwise you could lose heart. You could lose heart very quickly. Always reward yourself for doing the good things I say – make sure you don’t ever hold back on the positive affirmations. Don’t stint yourself. Create a warm, relaxing affirming environment for yourself. That’s very important, that’s always very important. Background affirmations going on in the background so you’d hardly notice them – they’re tipping away in the background. They’re there if you tune into them but you don’t quite want to. You’re content not to tune in. it works better that way. That’s good you tell yourself – that’s good that’s nice that’s good that’s nice. You did good to do the good thing, you tell yourself, you did very good. That’s good that’s nice that’s good. Just kind of playing away like comforting  luxurious recycled muzak in the background and you’re soaking it all up just as if you’re in an a warm relaxing luxurious bath. A bath of your own affirmations. You are content but you’re kind of dozy at the same time – you’ve hit the sweet spot in other words. Everyone always wants to hit the sweet spot. You have hit the sweet spot and so now you can kick back and enjoy it. You’ve got it just the way you like it and so that’s good. That’s very good.









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