Golden Age #2

The stylized white and yellow image of a maggot rampant upon a field of pus is of course familiar to us all as a symbol of the rule of entropy. When the Lords of Entropy ride through town on their hideous mounts this is – as we all know only too well – the sinister banner that flies over their heads. This is the Sign of the Maggot and none may withstand it. Evil times have come upon us and who can deny it? Things were not always so however – things were not always so.


I refer to the Golden Age of Humanity of course, the Golden Age of Humanity which is now all but forgotten. A dark and foreboding curtain has been drawn over those days and so we do not know the truth about the fallen state in which we now so sadly languish. We don’t know the truth about it at all. We are but craven crawling worms these days – each one of us competing with our fellows to see who can be quickest to carry out the orders of our filthy and depraved overlords – but there was nevertheless a time when we had honour and nobility of purpose. That is a time none of us can remember it is true but this is no mere myth or bedtime story for children – this is how things actually were.


I’m filled with misery when I think of this golden age. Have could we have sunk so low? How could I have sunk so low, for I am not exempt from the collective malaise. I am not exempt from the self-inflicted horror that has descended upon us. How could we have done this to ourselves, I ask myself? What were we thinking? How could we have invited such appalling ignominy upon ourselves, for this is exactly what we did do. We ourselves invited this fate which has now befallen us. This fate in which each one of us scurries eagerly to be the first to carry out the orders of our foul and depraved overlords.






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