Living Successfully

If I were a gambling man I’d gamble. I’d gamble like hell, for sure I would. I’d gamble my bloody head off, I’d gamble like crazy. I’d gamble the whole day away.  I’d gamble every day away. I’d gamble like an insane bastard.


I have been living very successfully recently, I can’t help noticing. Take today for example – I woke up successfully (after a few false starts, admittedly), I then walked successful from my bedroom to the toilet, and so on. I ate my breakfast perfectly successfully and then moped aimlessly around the house also very successfully. On the whole, it seems that I’m remarkably successful at whatever I turn my hand to. It’s all rather splendid, if I say so myself!


Not that this cheers me up very much, however. There’s a fault in everything if you look closely enough. That’s what I have found, anyway. I generally find that. You might say that this is very cynical of me, counterproductively cynical in fact, but once you’ve seen something then you can’t unsee it again. That’s a fact of life that we’d all have to agree on, I think. I can’t imagine anyone foolish enough to disagree with that one! No – once you see the flaw in the system then that’s it – you’ll see it wherever you go, just as I do. You’ll see it wherever you go and that’ll soon take the shine off your breezy good mood, I’d say.


The flaw in the system is the flaw in the system and that’s all that can be said on the subject. The flaw is the system and the system is the flaw and there’s simply no way around it. That’s if you see it, that is. If you don’t see it then everything’s fine – there’s no problem whatsoever. If that’s the case then just go right ahead and have yourself a great time! Get out into the world and ‘do the thing’ (as they say) and please allow me to wish you the very best possible luck. Yes – do the thing and do it with all of the wholehearted belief that this entails! Believe in the thing that you believe in and to hell with anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.








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