Scurrying To Obey

Happy people doing happy things, happy people doing happy things – that’s very good, isn’t it? Yes, yes, yes – that’s very good. We all know that, we all know that. We all nod our heads furiously: yes, we all know that, we all know that, we all know that. Happy people doing happy things. ‘Buy the product you bastards’ a voice calls out on the PA system. ‘Buy the goddamn lousy product, you frickin stinking muppets’. We all scurry to obey. Important things are so important, aren’t they? We all know that of course. We all know well that they are. ‘Buy the goddamn stupid product, why don’t you?’ we bark impatiently at ourselves. We’ve internalised the external authority of course. We always internalise the external authority. Without it your life is empty, the augmented reality feed tells you. Without it your whole life is empty. Capturing your attention nicely. That will do the trick of course. That will generally do the trick. One moment your attention is floating out there without a care in the world, the next moment it’s caught, snared neatly. Without it your life is hollow, without it your life is hollow. ‘Buy the product you stupid twat,’ a deadly dry voice whispers with dreadful intimacy in your ear. Your new friends are mouthing words at you but you can’t understand. What’s that you’re saying, you ask? Oh yes – without the product your life is empty. Yes of course, that’s good to know. That’s a valuable message. Happy people doing happy things. Happy people. Having happy lives. That’s very good, isn’t it? We all know that, we all know that. That’s very important as everyone knows. The voice is shouting at you – the voice is angry. It’s shouting at you to buy the product, it’s calling you derogatory names. All the people are milling around in confusion – they want to buy the product but they don’t know what the product is. The voice is getting angrier and angrier – it’s abusing you, it’s saying horrific things to you. It’s telling you to buy the product. Everyone bought the product and a good time was had by all, the caption read. Yes, yes, yes – pass the product, old chap. Pass the jolly old product, old boy. The product suddenly erupts onto the scene with explosive force. ‘Oh my goodness, we have to buy the product’, an excited voice calls out after a moment of stunned silence. The crowd is milling around in total confusion. Everyone wants to be happy but they don’t know how. The angry angry voice is shouting out again now. The big frightening angry voice. It’s shouting in your head. Buy the goddamn lousy product you useless stupid bastard,’ it shouts and you cringe in fear. You scurry to obey. Buy the frickin product you dumb twat,’ the angry voice shouts in your head. It’s your own voice. You’re scurrying to obey.


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