Listening To The Music

I was listening to the background music, waiting for my call to be put through, and then as I  (somewhat distractedly) listened I realised that this was music unlike any other I had ever heard before. Or perhaps I had simply never listened to music before, not properly, and – for some reason – I was now paying attention for the first time ever in my life. So this what was what music was like, I said to myself. I never knew. I never had a clue. I had gone through my life in an unobservant blur, obsessed with dumb nonsense, obsessed with empty fantasy. I had been such a fool, it occurred to me. Such a terrible fool. The music was telling me who I was – ‘Yes, yes, yes’, the music was telling me, ‘you are a real live proper person just like everyone else, an actual real person, and you have many interesting and valid interests which you have to attend to. Important things are always important and they are cool too and so that means you’re a cool person and everyone likes you and they also think that you’re great. They totally respect you. They respect you and they would never have a laugh at your expense.’ Then I realised that it wasn’t the music that was telling me all this but my stupid old thinking. It was my stupid old thinking telling me a whole bunch of lies as usual…










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