My Brain Is A Rancid Bucket Of Spam

My brain is a rancid bucket of spam. I am spamming just as hard as I ever can – spamming spamming spamming. I’m spamming all the time. I’m spamming like a total mad bastard. It’s more than just a hobby or a pastime for me, it’s a way of life. It’s my overriding passion – it’s an addiction. Every time I open my mouth I’m not talking I’m spamming. Every time I text or email someone I’m spamming. I spam at home and I spam at work. I spam away whenever I get a free minute. I’m at it the whole time – I never take a rest, I never take a break. Even when I think I’m not really thinking I’m spamming. I have spam thoughts not real thoughts. I have spammified thoughts – thoughts that have been lovingly placed there by some other spammer. Viral thoughts. Viral concepts. Viral beliefs. I’ve gone viral! Lol! You bet I have… My brain’s been taken over you see. Turned into a production line. I’m a zombie unit dedicated to producing other zombie units. I never have my own ideas any more – it’s all just spam! My brain is a rancid nest of spam. A bucket full of seething squirming writhing nauseating filthy dirty contagious rotten old spam. I’m spamming away like a right bastard! Spam spam spam. It’s all I ever do. I even spam in my sleep! It’s my life-work – spamming away like a right little bastard and spawning thousands of other versions of me whenever I get the chance. It’s catching on I can tell you – it’s all the rage…






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