Shit Show

We all want to be part of what’s going on, don’t we? We all want to be part of the Shit Show. That’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, anyway. I always say that I realize and it’s a bit annoying, even to myself. That’s one thing I’ve learned, that’s one thing I learned… And it’s got nothing to do with learning really has it – it’s just brainwashing on an industrial scale. What I should say is ‘That’s one thing that I have been conditioned to believe.’ That’s just more of my habitual inauthentic bullshit, in other words. Do I actually mean what I say or am I lying without realising it? Sorry, I lied, but I didn’t know it. We all want to be part of whatever it is that’s going on however and that’s a psychological fact. I read it in The Book of Psychological Facts. I actually memorised the whole damn book when I was younger and more inclined to do things like that. I memorized it from cover to cover. But that never did me any good of course – quite the opposite turned out to be the case, that actually turned out to be one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made in my life and I’ve made a lot of them! Yes we all want to be part of what’s going on. I remember once I took part in a research project involving mass brainwashing on a societal level. I was one of the test subjects and the point of the experiment was to find out what happens when whole populations are trained from birth to become clones of the system. The experiment went very badly wrong of course – these experiments always do. Even to call it ‘an experiment’ is misleading – it was more what you might call ‘an act of unmitigated malice’. It was bad mindedness pure and simple. I took part in it in good faith all the same however; I took part in the Shit Show to the best of my ability. Well, that’s not true either come to think of it – let’s just say that I went through the motions whenever I thought someone was looking. These days no one does watch of course, no one gives a damn, but when I was at school they watched you pretty keenly – that’s what their job is after all, to watch you to make sure that you’re going through the motions properly. Once you leave school behind then no one really bothers any more, the logic being – no doubt – that once the habit of ‘going through the motions’ has been set up and sufficiently reinforced then it will continue and in most cases I suppose this is true. It certainly seems to be true, from what I can make out anyway. The point of the experiment was to create an unreal world, an unreal world in which we are required to perform all of these meaningless tasks over and over again until we get to old and too tired to perform them anymore. We are told that our unquestioning obedience will be richly rewarded and this of course is a palpable lie. The wages of unquestioning obedience are misery and cellular despair, even though we’re not in touch with ourselves enough to know this. That’s part of the experiment too. They used to say (and sometimes still do) that ‘the wages of sin are death’ and that’s a rather clever lie in as much as they (i.e. the accursed religious folk) have neatly reversed the truth and this turns out to be rather an effective trick. ‘Sin’ is a code word for ‘not unquestioningly obeying the instructions that have been given to us by the malignant authority’ and so that wrong-foots us right from the start. That catches us out, you see. We simply don’t have the audacity to suspect the full scale of the hoax that is being perpetrated upon us, and we all know who first came out with that particular observation! Indeed we do. That’s the experiment anyway, and who am I to criticise it? Perhaps there is merit in it after all. Perhaps there’s something to be learned here, despite all my dire mutterings. Behold my friends. Behold the mighty experiment. And all we need to do is work out whether it was set up by God or by Satan. That’s the big question here isn’t it? I’m presuming that you are in agreement with my logic anyway. I’m presuming you can see where I’m coming from with this. Although there’s a part of me that can’t wondering if it makes any difference who was responsible for it. Maybe they are in it together. God and Satan, that is. Who knows?






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