The Singularity Of Doom

The mystic algorithms respond to my restless searching, manifesting not what I had been searching for but – more importantly – what I had not been smart enough to search for. This isn’t human technology – it goes way beyond anything we’ve got. Perhaps it is the technology of ancient aliens, long since left this universe. Abandoned technology, technology designed to serve purposes our intellects are in no way able to grasp. Or maybe it’s only a toy, something made to amuse children? ‘Perhaps you are looking for this?’ the mystic algorithms asks me, ‘perhaps you are looking for this but you didn’t know it?’ ‘No I wasn’t’ I respond angrily, ‘I wasn’t looking for that at all.’ The alien technology won’t take ‘no’ for an answer though, it works its wonders whether I am in agreement with them or not. Human technology inevitably works towards achieving ends that we ourselves already know about. We already know about them because we ourselves have encoded these purposes and imprinted them within the workings of the machines that we have created to obey our will. This is human technology. We know about the ends which our technology serves because they are our ends; they are our own ends but they are also dead ends – alas for us. They are always dead ends. Our machines have become our doom, and many are those who have predicted this. Many indeed are those who have predicted this. Did humanity turn evil because of its tools or did the machines turn evil because of humanity? This is a matter for the philosophers to debate, of course; I only mention it in passing. The mystical algorithms – where are they? Where do they reside? Do they float in the air like smoke or do they work themselves out in dimensions invisible to us? These also are matters for the philosophers to investigate and I mentioned them only in passing too. Personally speaking, I find myself wondering if perhaps the entire universe is a disguised alien artifact including – naturally enough – our own bodies which for this reason aren’t our bodies at all. It’s all about optimising the future you see – that’s what all human technology is programmed to do. It’s like turning the future into a singularity of doom – all possible problems have been definitively solved, all goals are automatically attained. All desires are instantaneously fulfilled. It’s the final moment – the singularity of doom. The alien technology is based on the reverse principle to this, the very opposite principle. Errors and problems proliferate exponentially; there is no solution to anything and there never will be. All plans have become unzipped – there are no solutions, there will not ever be any solutions. Nothing is achieved, nothing is ever obtained. Nothing ever fits in with anything else and all our theories are false. The world is full of fractals unwinding crazily at the speed of light, unwinding in directions as yet uninvented, undoing the very fabric of space and time as they do so…







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