Secrets Of The Robot Self

I am a bullet speeding towards my destination, so I am. I’m a  bullet speeding faster than the eye can see to its ultimate inevitable destination. It’s not a very good destination mind you, but still. But still it is my destination and I am speeding towards it. I’m a bullet, I’m a bullet speeding towards my doom. ‘You can’t stop me now,’ I yell triumphantly, ‘by Jingo you can’t…’ ‘No way buddy,’ I scream, ‘nothing’s gonna stop me now.’


There used to be this drug (street drug, I mean) doing the rounds back in the late 1970s. It went by the name ALD-36 and it was a species of hallucinogen, albeit a rather unusual one. It proved to be unpopular, even amongst the most hard-core acid-heads of the stoner community of which I was a part. Dealers couldn’t give it away. As I recollect, at the 1978 Stonehenge Free Festival someone was doing just that – they were giving away hundreds of tabs to the crowd but folk just weren’t interested. What ALD-36 did was that it created hallucinations in which the user firmly believed that they were perfectly normal and – what’s more – that reality itself was  something that was completely and utterly normal. And to cap it all, users of this particular hallucinogen were liable to prolonged flashbacks for a period of up to five years afterwards. I can personally testify to that. And the weird thing was that I actually used to enjoy it. In some perverse kind of a way.


People will fill your head with all sorts of crap in this life – that’s one thing I learned early on. Any sort of crap you can possibly imagine (and lots that you can’t) and you can be sure that someone somewhere will believe it. I mean, they really will believe it, most seriously, most solemnly. No irony involved. And if you try to tell them they’re full of shit they’ll just look at you blankly. Or maybe angrily. The point being that they absolutely really do believe it. Folk love believing in all sorts of crazy shit and – what’s more – they’ll try their damnedest to get you to believe it too, if they possibly can. So what’s this all about, do you think? Personally I think it’s degrading; there’s no dignity in it. You’re making a twat out of yourself for no good reason and so what’s that all about?


It’s important to show obedience towards the robotic impulses that govern one’s life, that’s what I always say. Call me a grumpy old traditionalist if you will but that’s what I think. I’m not in favour of departing from the old ways, the tried and trusted ways. Always obey the robotic impulses that govern your life – who’s to say what will become of you if you don’t? It is these robotic impulses that make us who we are, you know. Think about that for a minute or two, if you will. When a robotic impulse comes your way simply enact it, that’s my advice – that’s my advice to both the young and the old. Don’t ask any questions about the impulse, don’t reflect on whether it actually makes any sense, or anything like that – just do what it wants you to do. What’s so hard to understand about that? What’s the big problem with that? Don’t upset the status quo, that’s what I’m trying to say here. You owe the status quo everything you are, after all. Don’t forget that.


I’m obeying the robotic impulses right now. I always obey the robotic impulses – sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m sad but always I’m obeying the impulses. If I didn’t I would immediately cease to exist – it’s as simple as that. Be the ego-construct, my orders are telling me. Be the jolly old ego-construct. Why not, after all? It’s something to do; we all need some kind of an interest or hobby in life, after all. We all need some kind of structure to follow, to tell us what to do next. The devil finds work for idle hands, so it is said. I’m not entirely sure what kind of work he’s going to find for us but you can be sure that it will be pretty sinister. That goes without saying really, doesn’t it?


I go into that in more detail in my book ‘Secrets of the Robot Self and How To Attract Abundance,’ which is available from Amazon. I don’t actually know anything about attracting abundance – I just threw that in for good measure. Folk love hearing about attracting abundance, don’t they? Poor sad bastards that they are. Whatever gets you through the day, I suppose. That’s a thing they used to say back in the seventies – ‘Whatever gets you through the day, man, whatever gets you through the day…’ What gets me through the day is a succession of desire states, one after another. Vicious, brutal desire states. Desire states are what turn the wheel, after all. Desire states are what keeps the wheel turning and we all know how important that is. Where would we be if one day the wheel stopped turning? I go into that in more detail in my book Secrets of the Robot Self, of course. It’s available from Amazon, or at least it was the last time I checked.







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