Avoiding Negative Karma

There’s no escaping the future, is there? You might think that there is but there isn’t. Even if we were to go to the extent of taking the extreme step of killing ourselves rather than face it we’d still only be reanimated straightaway and plugged right in again, to carry on where we left off. We’d be plugged right back into the matrix and so there’s no escape there. That’s a grim thought isn’t it? And it’s more than a thought – that’s the whole point of what I’m telling you here. It’s not a thought, it’s a reality. Nobody likes it but there you go…


There’s no escaping it, not really. You may think that there is but the point is that there isn’t. Your whole life might be predicated upon the idea that there is always an escape but afraid I’m here to put you straight on that one. Let’s be clear about that much, at least…


Gentle, predictable relief, huh? That’s what we are all looking for, of course. Some gentle, predictable relief. Especially when the future is knocking on the door. Rap-rap-rapping away, smartish-like. A-knocking and a-rapping. I know you’re there, says the future. I know you’re there so you might as well come out. You chicken-shit bastard you. Show yourself or I’ll come in and pull you out by the scruff of your neck.


None of us are that happy with our lives are we? If we didn’t get a good deal then we’re unhappy about that because we are always imagining that we would be happy if only life had dealt us a better hand and if we did get a good deal then we’re secretly disappointed because we think we should be happier than we actually are, because the truth is that we are sour, morose, resentful and vindictive. We pretend to be happy of course because we don’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of thinking that we aren’t.


There’s no escaping the old negative karma is there? By Jingo there isn’t. For sure there isn’t, the matter how much we might twist and turn like a worm on the hook, no matter how we might protest. We are all very good at protesting after all. We protest to the hilt, we protest like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Excuse me there’s been a mistake here,’ we’ll say, ‘I don’t deserve that. That was obviously meant for someone else. Some right bastard who deserves everything they get…’ That’s what we’ll say. None of that works with negative karma though, you know. Damn right it doesn’t.


Gentle predictable relief is the thing though, isn’t it? Can’t you just feel that relief? I know I can. It’s heaven. Just sit back and enjoy it. The future is knocking on your front door but you couldn’t give a shit! You really couldn’t. You couldn’t give a damn how much he knocks. You’re giving him the finger. You’re giving him the royal salute, so you are!


There’s no escaping your own personality, that’s what I always say. Damn straight there isn’t! You can’t escape yourself. Never mind escaping anything else, you certainly can’t escape your own personality. No matter how much you may like to. Oh to be sure you can behave yourself for a while – you can be on your best behaviour, you can be as smarmy as you please, so you can. You can be goody-goody-two-shoes, as they say. Excuse me while I polish my halo. But I tell you this for nothing, you won’t be able to keep that old personality of yours at bay for very long. You will soil your pants before the end of the day, you mark my words. It’s only a matter of time…





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