The Hall Of Shame

The Lord and Master of All Egos – both the successful type and the unsuccessful type – is the Supreme Personality, otherwise known as the Great Demiurge. All types of ego pay homage to him so they do – both the lesser and the greater type. Paying homage with all due reverence to the Supreme Personality, the Man Himself. The Lord and Master of All Egos – that’s what they call him. Everything he says is golden – he never strikes the wrong note. He never puts a foot wrong, not in the view of all the legions of devoted egoic entities which worship him as god. Paying homage with all due reverence. The worshipful egos, both the successful and the unsuccessful ones. We are trying to make meaningful comments about reality – that’s the game. That’s the game all right but it all goes to shit before you know it. It’ll go to shit in a second so it will – I’ve seen it happen so often. It’s the commonest thing in the world, things straightaway going to shit. I’ve seen it happen a million times. One minute you’re flying high with the best intentions in the world and the next you’re in the gutter, waking up with a headache and covered in last night’s vomit. What happened? That’s what we all ask. What happened to us? Everything was going so well. The Lord and Master of All Egos is leading us in a rousing refrain of all the old favourites. It’s the school hymn. You can’t beat the old favourites, after all. It’s a rousing refrain. You’re thinking to yourself: ‘Look – it’s happened again!’ You’re deep in the shit and there’s nothing to be done about it; you’re deep in the shit and there’s no way out. There never is. Did you take your eye off the ball or what? ‘Quick man, quick’, the reflex in your brain calls out, ‘say something meaningful about reality. Just to show that you’re not a clueless idiot.’ The pressure is on now of course – the serious pressure is on. You’re all sweaty and nervous. Play the game out, play the game. All kinds of ego pay homage, all kinds of ego. We have to do what’s expected of us after all. If there was ever a rule that mustn’t be broken then that must be it. That must surely be it. Do whatever you want, break whatever rules you want, rebel in any way want to rebel, but don’t ever fail to do what’s expected of you. By Jingo no! You’d be letting him down if you did that. The Lord and Master I mean. You don’t want to be letting him down do you? I don’t care if you’re a successful ego all covered in glory or if you’re a failed one all covered in shyte. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you play the game and don’t let yourself down. Show yourself up, like. Make a complete dildo out of yourself. God forbid. You want to fulfil Satan’s Plan just as much as the next man does but you don’t know how. You don’t know what you’re supposed to do. You’re baffled. You’re all at sea. You’re sitting in the Hall of Shame and they’re all mocking you. Mocking, mocking, mocking. You’re trying to redeem yourself by saying something meaningful about reality but it’s gone beyond that now. It’s not about that anymore. The Lord and Master is making a speech. He’s up on the podium, laying down the law. You’re in the audience and you’ve shat yourself. You’ve shat yourself and everyone knows.








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