The Carnival Of Nonsense

Do you know that thing where you hate and fear anyone who isn’t just like you? People who aren’t like you make you so very angry; they make you so terribly, terribly angry. Your rage is burning you up on the inside. You want to hurt them so bad – you will hurt so bad if you get a chance! Unbelievable rage takes you over and you’re liable to do terrible things. You hate people who are different from you but you hate yourself too, you loathe and despise yourself because you know what you’re like. You know only too well what you’re like and so you despise yourself with a passion. You are in a fix therefore. You’re in a bit of a pickle. What to do, what to do? How to cope, how to cope? What are the recommended coping strategies, you wonder? What strategies can you put in place? You look fine on the outside of course but on the inside you’re a mess! The world is spinning around you – such a big, big world! Full of stars and comets and nebulae and spiral galaxies . The whole universe, in all its glory, is spinning around you – spinning, spinning, spinning. Spinning in solemn unending majesty. That’s pretty awesome, as I think you’ll agree. Pretty awesome or not however, you not really that interested. In fact you are not interested at all. You couldn’t give a damn – you are caught up in your own problems of course. You’ve got other fish to fry – smaller fish is true, but fish that are of great interest to you. They’re tiny fish – nothing more than tiddlers – but they matter a lot to you all the same. You’re frying them, frying them, frying them. You’re frying them and frying them – you’re frying them so much! The contents of your frying pan are black and smoking at this stage, needless to say, but still you keep at it. Darkness has totally consumed you at this stage but that’s just the way it goes. You no longer know what you are doing; your malice has run away with you. There is this video on YouTube entitled ‘This simple trick can get rid of fear immediately’ – can you believe that? The monstrous incalculable stupidity of humankind is inexorably increasing every single day and there can surely be no doubt about this! ‘What’s to be done?’ I hear you ask, ‘what’s to be done about the monstrous incalculable stupidity of humankind, which is increasing inexorably every day?’ You might well ask, of course. It’s only right and proper that you ask. You ask this question just as many others have done before you. I intend to upload a video shortly entitled ‘This simple trick will cure the monstrous stupidity of humankind immediately’. Simple tricks are what we all like, after all. It’s got to be a ‘simple trick’, hasn’t it? We don’t have a time for anything else. We don’t have the attention span for it – our lives are utterly consumed by nonsense. We are each and every one of us partaking in The Carnival of Nonsense. We’re joining in the fun because we don’t want to miss out. We’re joining in with gay abandon, adding our humble tuppence-worth to the general fray! ‘Here is my contribution, for what it’s worth,’ we cry out loudly. It’s carnival time and no one is going to stop us from having our fun.









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