The P.O.E.

I think that it’s very unfair the way egos are created by the ubiquitous old ‘ego-creating machinery’ only to be heartlessly destroyed a bit later on by the RP, or Reality Principle as I like to call it. Wouldn’t you agree with me? Heartlessly and unfailingly, I should say because there’s no getting away from it. There’s no getting away from this fate: from the moment the poor doomed ego is created by the old ego-creating machinery to the moment it is unceremoniously snuffed out when it reaches the end of the road, it is taunted and tormented and teased and humiliated by a merciless reality. It is insulted and abused every step of the way. Reality is never nice to the poor old ego, not ever, and I don’t think there are going to be any arguments on that score! Can you imagine anyone being dumb enough to argue this point? Folk are plenty dumb as we know and fools will argue about anything but I can tell you one thing for sure – no one is going to be stupid enough to try to say that reality is ever going to go soft on the poor old ego. We all know that’s never going to happen – there’s never any such thing as an ‘amnesty’ when it comes to the POE! It’s always open season when it comes to the POE and that’s a fact. I think I’m safe in saying that no one is going to quibble with me on this point. From the time the POE is unfairly created to the moment it squeaks its last it is subject to an unending series of insults, insults that cut to the very quick, and – as we all know very well – the POE isn’t very good when it comes to insults. It doesn’t get over them easily, if at all. Probably the POE keeps a record of every slight it ever received, all filed away carefully for future reference. All filed away so that it can brood over them at some future date. It’s not just that forgiveness doesn’t come easily to the ego, it doesn’t come at all and I think we all know that. No one can say that the POE doesn’t feel pain or that it is ‘insensitive’ – not at all, it has the most exquisite sensitivity to anything that might compromise its oh-so-fragile dignity, and that’s an eventuality that keeps on happening. We can rely on that scenario happening. The truth itself is all that’s needed to mortally insult the unfortunate hypersensitive creature of which we speak. So that’s what I’m saying here really isn’t it, in this untidy morass of words – that it’s such a cruel, cruel thing to bring such a creature into existence when all that awaits it is pain and humiliation and when all that takes it takes to hurt or humiliate it is a little bit of the truth. The truth keeps on cropping up after all – it crops up time and time again. The truth has a nasty habit of cropping up after all – nasty from the POV of the POE anyway! The ego’s doom has been decided right from the very beginning. The ego’s doom, the ego’s doom. That sounds rather good doesn’t it? There’s a bit of a ring to it. Not much of a ring, just a bit of a ring. Each ego that comes into existence has the very same fate, the very same doom as every other one. That’s rather interesting isn’t it? A curious fact, a curious fact. What does it mean if every ego always comes into the world with exactly the same doom lying in wait for it? And we have to remember – don’t we – that the ego’s doom is all that it has. All the ego has in its so-called ‘life’ is its doom, or the attempted avoidance thereof (which is of course the same thing). The ego’s ongoing denial of its doom is its doom, needless to say. And what a terrible doom that is! The worst possible, in fact. A doom that is not to be envied, shall we say? An unenviable doom. What we’re talking about is not a pleasant situation – that’s the point I’m trying to make here. That is exactly the point. Every ego that comes into the world has the very same doom and if its doom is all there is to it (or if ‘struggling against its doom’ is all there is to it) then all egos are the same ego. It’s the same thing in every case, exactly the same. The POE likes to think that it is unique of course but that’s just another lie it tells itself. Like the lie that it’s actually got a hope in hell! The ego lives its so-called ‘life’ purely on the basis of its pitiful lies, and its fate is to see these lies eroded bit by bit, grain by grain, until there’s nothing left of them for it to cling onto. Don’t you think that’s cruel?







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