Sacred Moments

My mind has been scrubbed clean but I don’t remember a thing. My mind’s been scrubbed clean and now I can remember everything! Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth – I’ll tell you a lie soon as look at you! I would rather tell you a lie than look at you. My mind’s been put through the Muncing Machine and I’m full of hope for the future. The future’s so bright it’s like a nuclear flash! It’ll burn the eyes clean out of your head. I’ve been fed into the Scrumbler and so now I’m as good as new. Better than new. Do with me what you will; compliance is my middle name after all. Bartholomew Compliance Montgomery-Smythe, that’s my name! Like it or not as the case may be. Let’s all jump on the bandwagon because if we don’t then it might leave without us; other people will get their hands on the prize instead of us and their pleasure will be our pain. Their joy will be our misery. Other people – our fellow human beings no less – will get their grubby paws on the prize before we do and then by the time we get to it it will be all soiled and shop-worn – the shine will have gone off it. The shine always goes off the prize by the time I get to it. The crowd has moved on – the party is continuing elsewhere. Someone somewhere is having a good time but don’t expect me to know anything about it! Sacred moments, sacred days – ‘Show me someone who can say a true word,’ isn’t that what they say? The Zen masters I mean. The good old Zen masters. Where can such a person be found – a person who won’t lie to your face? What are the odds? We’ve all been put through the Scrumbling Machine and we don’t know ‘up’ from ‘down’. ‘Isn’t up that way?’ I ask, pointing wildly in some random direction. ‘I thought it was anyway but please feel free to tell me otherwise. Please feel free to lie to my face…’ I am counting all the sacred moments – I always miss out on them but at least I can count them. I can keep tally. The king was in his counting house counting all his money and I’m my counting house too. My fingers are sore with counting. They’re dropping off me. I’ve actually lost count at this state but I can always go back and start over again. Counting’s free after all, no one will charge you for that. A cat may look at a queen, so they say. ‘How does one measure one’s worth in the world?’ – that’s a question to conjure with. We are all wondering that, sure we are. We’re all puzzling over that one – show me someone who says they aren’t and I’ll show you a big fat liar! We’re all busy counting the sacred moments, trying to see what they add up to…







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