Big Greedy Head

I have a big greedy head on me


It’s eating up everything in sight – and spitting out the rind


It never stops chewing, it never stops jawing


It eats up everything in sight and leaves nothing good behind


It’s like a plague of bloody locusts


That’s why they call me Locust Mind – because I’m a plague unto myself


Because of the great big greedy head that’s on me


It’s like a motor that never stops running


Belching out thick clouds of stinking black smoke


My head doesn’t give a shit about the environment – no sir it surely doesn’t


All cares about is making a godamn pig of itself


All cares about is chewing the fat


And then spitting out the gristle


“Look at the big greedy head on that fella”


People say when they see me walk by


“What a dirty filthy bastard…”


Little children scream and run away when they see the head that’s on me


Even nature hides herself from me


She won’t come back until I’ve gone away


Because of the big filthy head on me


Desolation follows me wherever I go


I’m a curse unto myself…







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