The Puniverse

This is where your commute ends and your career begins, the road sign says. I’m not sure why that sign angers me so much but it does. I see it every day and every day it angers me. It really does. What does it mean to be a person and what does it mean to live a normal or proper life? These are both questions we have to ask ourselves many, many times a day of course but does it really matter? Should we really care? Suppose instead of the universe there was only a puniverse? What does it mean to be a living human being and how are we to be successful at this? What does it mean, what does it mean. Should we have the expectation of great delight in our lives or will we be disappointed? You saw the rabbit go down the rabbit hole but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to come out again, as someone once told me. I don’t know what they meant at the time and I still don’t. People say that I’m irritatingly self-centred but I find that very disrespectful – I personally find that kind of remark very offensive and I don’t care who knows it! I talk loudly and insistently but people say that all I do is mumble. In my imagination I’m a hero. Where did it all begin and where will it all end, I ask loudly. Will I ever be great? My head is full of random thoughts this morning of course. I realise that. I saw this YouTube video talking about how there is doing but no doer and how we stupidly appropriate doing to big ourselves up and someone had ‘disliked’ it. It’s kind of as if someone made a YouTube video saying that egos aren’t real but they only think that they are and then someone disliked it – how dumb can you be, right? Hey, I find that personally offensive! What gives you the right to offend me like that? I reserve the right to identify with this ego so you have to respect that and make sure you don’t accidentally insult me by pointing out that I’m a plonker… But maybe we should respect people’s right to be plonkers – that could be true too. Maybe there’s a grain of truth in that. It’s easy to laugh at idiots after all. It’s easy to laugh at idiots but maybe that’s where the human race went wrong. It’s important to be politically correct wouldn’t you say. We’re all trying to be happy in whatever way we can, after all. We’re all trying to be happy and lead fulfilling lives in the best way that we know how to and who can blame us for that, right? What else are we supposed to do? I’m only trying to have a good time the same as everyone else, I whine. It just so happens that the way I go about this is by making a total ludicrous twat of myself. It’s embarrassing to realise that you’ve made a total ludicrous twat of yourself, isn’t it? Don’t you find that? Of course you do, of course you do. That’s what it means to be a human being, after all. We’re all the same there as I’m sure you’ll agree. Yes sir it feels bad. It feels plenty bad. Boy does it feel bad. We’ve all been there of course, we’ve all been there. Our lives are comedic and that’s the plain unvarnished truth of the matter. It doesn’t matter whether you like that or whether you don’t like that and naturally you don’t like it. I can appreciate that. You can trust me on that, you really can! Our lives wouldn’t be comedic if we actually knew that they were and so that is why it is important that we continue being as totally clueless as we are. What would happen to the comedy otherwise?








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