Notes on the Dual World

All the happy people had adapted themselves to the nice artificial world and that’s why they were all so happy. The happy faces, the smiling faces. ‘Adapt to the nice artificial world,’ all the smiling messages say. You know it makes sense so why not do it right now? Go ahead and press the button. ‘Knock yourself out good buddy,’ the messages say, ‘you know you want to after all’. All the happy faces, all the smiling faces. Smiling and happy because you know it makes sense. Because you know. Sixty million people can’t be wrong, after all. Three hundred million people certainly can’t be wrong! Then everything flashes to the bad time not the good time and all of a sudden everyone is screaming and crying and shouting and everything is terrible. The air is full of wailing. Everything has turned terrible and there’s nothing we can do. There is no help for it, no way out. The bad thing has happened and there’s no way for us to go back to the way things were. The good old way. You can’t even remember the way things were – maybe it wasn’t even true that they were that way. Maybe things never were the way they were. Maybe that’s just a false memory, implanted within us by the evil Abuser Mind. We live in the Dual World you see – everyone is so happy and everyone is also very sad at the same time. Everybody is your friend but they also all hate you. They’ll help you but they’ll drop you in it too. Everything is great and everything is terrible. You’re arrogant and unkind but you’re also cowering with fear. Better to flee then get your liver squeezed out, a wise man once said, and as I sit here now those words reverberate in my head. Better to flee, better to flee, better to flee… We would if we could of course but we are food for the great god, food for the great great thing that is the god of our own making. First we create the great thing and then we become food for it. It eats us all the time. It spits us out later. We’re grist for the mill. This was always the way however and there’s no point in us acting surprised by it. There is no point in us acting all surprised by the way that things have turned out. ‘Oh look I never thought that would happen’, you say weakly. ‘Whoever could have seen that coming?’ All the happy people had adapted themselves to the nice artificial world and that is why they are all so happy. There’s always a reason for everything if you look hard enough, isn’t there? There’s always a reason, except in those special cases where there isn’t. We are making do with the Dual World as best we can but there is no ‘best’ about it – there is no ‘best’ about it at all. Was there ever anything as cruel as the Dual World? Was there ever? What you have got, you lose, who you are, you aren’t. What you win you also lose. You are the biggest winner/loser in the world! They are going to write a book about you. They might shoot a documentary. Days come and go in a flash and you never see them go. Days flicker by faster than the eye can follow and someone else is living your life. You hope that they are making a good job of it! You are anxious about that. ‘I hope that they don’t screw up’, you’re thinking. ‘I hope they don’t make a mess of it…’





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