Strange Tales Of Unknown Psychic Realities

Suppose that every word you spoke, every thought you had, went on to create innumerable unwanted consequences, evil consequences perhaps. Extremely evil ones. Did you ever think of that, did you ever think of that? We can all create fantasy worlds for ourselves of course and some say there is a certain degree of kudos in that. Depending upon the fantasy, of course. Not much kudos perhaps but a certain degree. A little portion of precious dignity, we might say. ‘Well say what you like,’ I reply haughtily to my detractors, ‘but I’ve still got my fantasies to cling to.’ Kudos is the magic ingredient in this world of ours; it’s what we are all hankering for and who can blame us? People are all very obsessed with the atrocious tedium of the Consensus Reality of course – we can’t get enough of it and yet there’s nothing in it. We’re hungry for it and we would quite happily think about it from morning till night, we’d quite happily obsess over it 24/7 and that’s a fact. If you like facts there’s then there is one for you. A fine tasty fact – the best there is. ‘Is there any kudos to be gleaned from a lifelong obsession with tedious banalities though?’ That’s the big question I’m coming to, and as questions go it’s what you might call a real humdinger. If you ever wanted to know what a real humdinger of a question would look like then this is it. How you going to reply to this, huh? How are you going to respond? Suppose that every word you spoke and every thought you had was unutterably banal – as dry as dust in fact. What you do then? Where would you go from there? That’s a very real dilemma, let me assure you. That’s pretty much the situation were all dealing with right there. That’s pretty much the human situation in a nutshell and there’s no easy answer to it, let me tell you. ‘Whatever happened to us?’ ‘you ask, ‘however did we end up in such a dreadful godforsaken hole?’ I can sympathise with your horror and disbelief, I promise you. I really can sympathise with what you must be feeling right now. Where – indeed – do we go from here? What can we do about such a terrible situation? Do we attempt to make the most of our abject sterility? But that’s no good either because there is no ‘most’ – we can’t make anything out of our situation because there’s nothing there to work with. Infinite banality is devoid of any possibilities and that is the very reason we say that it’s banal. That’s the whole point, for God’s sake. But how are we to resolve the human dilemma, you might ask, sounding like a broken record at this stage. You said it once so why not say it a million times? Were all very obsessed with this terrible thing we call ‘normality’ and I know that as well as you do but what’s the cure? Suppose every word you thought and every thought you uttered were unutterably dull. Where’s the kudos in that? ‘Follow your curiosity wherever it leads’ – that’s what it says in the ads as we all know, but that’s Orwellian double speak if there ever was such a thing. That’s double-speak, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Since when has the evil Abuser Mind ever wanted us to follow our curiosity? Who amongst us has ever contemplated humanity’s appalling corruption without being sickened to the very core? Very few, I would venture to say. Very few of us indeed. The dawning horror of a bubble of repressed awareness that is on the very point of being disclosed to us –who has not known such a moment? Which one of us can say that – in all honesty – that they know nothing of such things? What type of life will we be condemned to lead when we are in the full flight of our denial regarding these horrors? That’s where our curiosity unfailingly brings us of course. That’s the big question, that’s the elephant in the room as we all like to say. What type of life do we end up with in this case? That’s what we want to know. ‘Follow your curiosity, follow your curiosity, wherever it leads’ – that’s our mantra, that’s always our mantra, but at the same time we simply don’t care. We’re happy, but we’re not happy; everything’s great but it’s not great at all; we’re getting on fine but it’s all a bit of a disaster. How are we to understand this paradox however? How will we to make sense of this situation? Everyone knows of this conundrum and yet no one does and that is the human situation in a nutshell. We understand this point perfectly well and yet no one understands it. We’re looking for kudos of course; we are all craving kudos. I’ll be the first to sympathise with that. No better man. But where are we to find it?







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