Mocking The Freak

Suppose you met someone who was acting like a total freak, behaving in a totally weird, abnormal, odd or bizarre fashion, and so on and so forth, what you do? Would you run up to them and mock them? Would you call the police or park authorities or would you take matters into your own hands and beat the living shyte out of them? This is a test of character you see – it’s very interesting for me to see just how you would answer this question. I know lots of people who would just mock the freak straightaway without thinking about it; they would mock anyone acting like a freak as a matter of course and the thing about this is you see that this behaviour of theirs shows clearly that it is them that are the freaks and that hilarious thing about this is that they never ever realise it. Can you believe how stupid these creeps are – they find someone who is a freak and then straightaway they mock the freak thinking that this shows how cool they are (because they aren’t the freak but the person mocking the freak, which they obviously see as a superior position) but really they’re showing themselves up as being absolute total freaks themselves! I mean, what are they thinking? What’s going on in their frikkin’ heads, anyway? How stupid is it possible to be? The answer to this question is obviously that it is perfectly possible to be one hundred percent stupid, stupid all the way, completely and utterly stupid without even a shred of anything that isn’t totally dumb. So what do you think that feels like? How do you think it feels to be that stupid? That must be a rather interesting sensation, wouldn’t you say? What do you reckon it feels like to be them? If I met them I mock them, I tell you. They’re the ones I’d mock – I would mock them for being so ridiculous stupid as to not realise that they are making total freaks of themselves because they think that it is someone else who is the freak not them and because they imagine that this obvious fact somehow lets them off the hook! But no – it doesn’t let them off the hook. I’m afraid that’s just not the way it works. They think that having a good old laugh at some poor freak is a laugh and that it’s a laugh to have a laugh, and that this is all there is to it. End of story. After all, the poor freak hasn’t got a leg to stand on because he actually is a freak and so there’s nothing he can say in his defence. These mockers think they can just mock – and thereby get to feel good about themselves  – and then just walk away with impunity and enjoy the rest of their lives (by poking fun at other freaks that they might come across, perhaps); this is their mistake because their stupidity in thinking this backfires on them instantly. It backfires on them every single time and they are so bloody stupid that they simply don’t realise it. I don’t know why but it infuriates me beyond measure that they don’t see this.








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