Prince Amongst Men

Nothing bad is happening, nothing bad is happening, I told myself. This was my self-affirmation. Nothing bad, nothing bad. Never anything bad. These wonderful self-affirmations were my stepping stones and I had to make very sure never to slip into the treacherous mire that lay between them. Never slip into the mire, never slip into the mire, I told myself. This was also one of my self-affirmation. I was affirming for all I was worth, but I wasn’t very worth very much. As I walked I told myself that nothing bad was happening. This was my joyous song of self-affirmation. Everything was fine because it was okay and everything was okay because it was fine. These were the two mighty pillars that supported my well-being. Such as it was, such as it was. I had slung my hammock between these two mighty pillars and I was having a bit of a snooze. Having a jolly old snooze – enjoying life, taking it easy. Nothing bad is happening, nothing bad is happening, I informed myself, taking courage and strength from these splendid affirmations. It’s okay because everything is fine, it’s fine because everything is okay. Rejoicing in the wondrous salinity of these joyous words. Out of my splendid self-affirmations I shall create a whole world, I told myself. Brick by brick I shall build it. Laying down the foundations for all that is worthy and great. Snoozing peacefully in my hammock. A wind rose up as I snoozed and started gently rocking my hammock. I grunted contentedly and fell into a deep comforting sleep. And as I slept I dreamt – I dreamt that I was a Prince among amongst men and that I dwelt in a great house that was perched on top of the big hill. Fine things were in that house – many fine things. These things were so fine that I grew excited just from looking at them. My heart beat fast within my chest. All these fine things, all these fine things, I breathed, amazed at the grandeur of my own splendid situation. Fine paintings hung on the walls; wondrous ornaments and trinkets were to be found on every available surface. The armchairs were fit for kings, they were magnificent in the extreme. Burnished oak and splendid ceramics were everywhere to be seen. I am filled with the most tremendous sense of peace and contentment. Small mice scamper joyously. Iridescent green and blue beetles crawl in the thick lush carpets and as I watch they seem to be flashing esoteric messages to me. Magnificent music plays in the background. I am the Lord of all I survey, I told myself. I’m the exalted one. All the beetles in the rug pay homage to me – I am the object of their adoration. Silverfish mass in the torn lining of my velvet hat; hordes of earwigs swarm in the mysterious recesses of my capacious jacket pockets. Hardy boll-weevils cling to my beard. All this pleasure is rightfully mine, I tell myself. All this pleasure is rightfully mine. The wind had picked up a fair bit at this stage and it was rocking my hammock back-and-forth, back-and-forth, with near satanic insistence. I didn’t care however. I paid it no heed – I was in my fantasy world and everything was okay…








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