Days Of Anger

The queen of patio plants is what they call it. The queen of patio plants is a phrase I have heard used. I don’t know what I think about that, to be honest. I have no way of knowing what I think about that. Religious folk are only here to help after all, I realise. Only here to help, only here to help. That’s how come they are religious folk you see, because they are here to help. That’s why it is always good to meet them and ask for their guidance. Because of their gentle wisdom and the kindness of their hearts, and all that. Because of their gentle and non-judgemental nature. That’s why we love them so much of course – because of their gentle and non-judgemental nature.


There was a time I found life exciting, but now I’m merely sour. Maybe you can tell that. I’m as sour as sour could be – I’m sour all the way through. Even as I write these words I feel sour; I’m doubly sour because I feel sour about myself for being so sour. That’s what happens when negativity goes beyond a certain point you see – it starts to feed upon itself. When negativity starts to feed upon itself then there’s no stopping it – it doesn’t need any external situations to feed on once it passes the all-important ‘threshold value’ and this means that no matter what anyone else says or does you’re still going to be wallowing in negativity, and not just wallowing in it but actually thriving. Doing well. In my case I can say that no matter what happens in my life I’m still going to be sour. It’s too late for me now. That’s just the way it works – it’s a natural law, a natural principle, as we all know very well.


Where will it all end – that’s what I want to know. Once negativity starts feeding voraciously on itself and becomes its own fuel source in this way then where there is this process going to go? What are we looking at here? We’re talking about something that is gone beyond its natural limits you see and once something has gone beyond its natural limits then all bets are off. There’s nothing we can do in this case. You are going to be taken to a place, the existence of which you cannot even begin to imagine. The only thing to say under the particular circumstances that we are referring to here is that you are in for a real ‘eye-opener’. You’re in for a bit of an eye-opener because when your personal negativity goes beyond its natural limits and starts to feed on itself then this is going to take you to a very special place indeed! We could make up little song about this, couldn’t we? A lovely little song about how we all love going to the special, special place…


I was hallucinating my own ego. I was caught in a tight little loop – the very tightest of all possible loops in fact. The very tightest. The experience is one of the purest horror, as I need hardly say. Obviously the experiences one of the purest horror – what else could it be? I was hallucinating my own ego and I couldn’t stop doing it. I couldn’t ever stop doing it. I was doomed to keep on hallucinating my own ego for all of eternity. Just me and my ego, each hallucinating the other. My ego was grinning like a fool, needless to say. He is always grinning like a fool, that’s what he does best. He might be a bit of an idiot but he really does know how to grin like a fool. You bet he does. And I’m condemned to be sitting here for all eternity, looking at this moron ego of mine. Enjoying his company. Can you imagine anything worse? If you can then you’ve got a pretty sick imagination, that’s all I can say…


The tightest of loops, the tightest of loops. Loop the loop, loop the loop. ‘How are you doing old chap?’ I call out cordially, ‘how’s your day going mate?’ I was being cheeky and I knew that it would come back on me sooner or later. I knew that there would be a backlash but all the same I couldn’t resist the temptation to take the piss. Days of anger, days of rage. Days of anger, days of rage. Rage like you’ve never before imagined – rage the like of which you couldn’t imagine. Days of anger, days of incalculable rage – that’s all that lies in front of me. Plenty to look forward to there, anyway! It’s a treat that’s being laid out for you and so now all you have to do is just go right ahead and enjoy it. Just get right stuck into it my friend! There’s plenty there for everybody. No need to push, no need to get impatient or worried that you won’t get your share. You’ll get your share, no problem there! That’s one thing I can promise you. You’ll get your share for sure…









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