Dreaming Of Robots #1

One day King Phlobulon was sitting on his throne, ruling away, ruling away as he always did, ruling over the small matters as well as the large, when all of a sudden he started to feel sad. All of a sudden it didn’t seem so great to be king anymore – the ruling just wasn’t any fun anymore. King Phlobulon became grumpy. First he became grumpy, and then – as time wore on – he became downright irritable. Finally, he became totally cantankerous. Each minute that came seemed to drag its heels unbearably, and then the one that followed tarried with equal sloth, equal reluctance. There was no end to it. King Phlobulon grew angry with time itself – he declared time to be an enemy of the free world, not that there was any such thing as ‘the free world’ really because how could there be with the likes of King Phlob ruling the land? The King did much more than merely declare time an enemy of the Free State, he passed a solemn and binding law – and not just a law but a regal law – forbidding time from passing too slowly. All the scientists in the Kingdom were put to work, under pain of death, to find ways of speeding up the passage of time and major funds were made available to them. So that was all fine and in due course the scientists reported that good progress was being made with the research (and not just ‘good progress’ either but excellent progress – the very best possible type of progress). Eventually the new time-accelerating technology because so advanced and so effective that both King Phlobulon and his kingdom were hurtled into the far distant future, much like a proton being accelerated in a particle accelerator. What was this far-flung impossibly-distant future like however, you might want to know? What kind of stuff went on there? Was King Phlob happy with the results of the scientists’ ‘time-manipulation’ experiment? Did he reward these highly intelligent scientists or did he have them put to death after all? For an answer to all of these questions the reader must settle down and wait patiently for PART TWO of this tale however – Stories From The End Of Time….







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