Zero With A Capital Zee

I cast myself in the role of the embittered and resentful ego and I’ve never looked back since. We all need a role in life and let no one forget it! Reality itself presents no possibilities for entertainment for the poor insightless ego and that’s a problem. That’s a big problem. That’s the first hurdle we have to get over and it’s a bit of a stinker all right. Imagine being all alone in a universe that is quite devoid of any entertainment. What you do then, huh? What steps can you take? What scientific protocols can you enact? Oh yes that’s a tough one and let’s make no mistake over that. By jingo that’s a tough one. It’s tough you see because if you can’t distract yourself with some form of entertainment then just what in God’s name are you supposed to do? And I’m just not saying that reality has very little in the way of entertainment for the poor old ego, or that it’s only ‘poor quality’ entertainment available. That’s not it at all – there’s zero entertainment. Zero with a capital Zee. It’s a non-existent commodity; it’s an empty cupboard. You can keep on coming back to that cupboard as often as you like but you never find anything in it, not even a crumb. A crumb would be a banquet as far as you’re concerned and it‘s a banquet you’ll never have. It’s a banquet you can only ever dream about. Think you upon the fate of the poor hard done-by ego, set adrift in a universe that just doesn’t care. Think you on that. What is it supposed to do? How is it to cope? How can it get through the day without even a scrap of entertainment for it to feed upon? That’s pure torture my friends and I hope you can understand that. I really do hope you can understand that. This is a very sorrowful situation for the poor stressed-out ego, desperately gambling everything it owns on a horse that’s never going to come in. It’s not particularly sorrowful for anyone else mind you – it’s not as if anyone else  gives a damn, as I’ve already said. The universe is terribly indifferent to the awful trials and tribulations of the beleaguered ego. It’s frighteningly indifference and that’s a cold fact. So spare a thought my friends, spare a thought. We fall flat at the very first hurdle and we just don’t know what to do then. We’re banjaxed. But I’ll tell you what, that little bloody ego doesn’t give up easy all the same – it’s persistent, I’ll say that much for it! It’s a determined little bugger and no mistake. So this is the problem anyway and what we can do about it? What we can do, what we can do? What are our options? We all need a hobby in life, after all. Perhaps you could take up smoking a pipe? Not very fashionable these days you might say, but never mind. You can fill the bowl with a popular smoking mixture made up of henbane, jimson weed, bitter wormwood, and dried Mandragora root and toke away on it for all you’re worth. Toke till you’re green in the face. Don’t be shy – fill up your lungs with it and don’t worry about the coughing. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs after all.








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