Creating The Evil Self

We are all interested in the question of ‘how to create the evil self’ of course. That’s what we all want to know. It’s not the sort of thing we can learn out of a book either – no sir it isn’t! We’re searching for tips left, right and centre, we’re listening in to every conversation that’s going – stretching our ears in the hope that we will hear a bit of vital info! That good old vital info – we’re bloody obsessed with it aren’t we? We’re always looking for that vital info, our ears rotating like computer-controlled radar turrets. ‘How should we go about creating the evil self?’ we all want to know. Is this perhaps the sort of thing that the secret elite are allowed to know about? Aah those secret elite, those secret elite – they’re not so bloody secret really are they? If they were half as secret as they presumably would like to be then surely we wouldn’t be in this situation where everyone is always bloody talking about them? The secret elite this, the secret elite that – it’s all we ever hear about, isn’t it? The bloody old Illuminati or whoever it is. I bet you are sick of it as I am! The bloody old secret elite – what is the scandal this time, huh? What have they done this time? What a bunch of sad idiots. Not only is their secret out, they have also been revealed as being entirely predictable and that is a fate worse than death. You should never let yourself become entirely predictable, whatever else you might do! Any mistake but that. What else are the secret elite ever involved in other than the tired old game of establishing themselves (as always) in a position of unassailable dominance with regard to the obtuse and dull-witted majority of the non-elite who they are determined to control right down to the very last inch? That’s about all there is to say on the matter as far as I can see. What a total bunch of frikkin retards! The masses of the non-elites might be stupid (engineered to be so no doubt by our secret masters) but how much more stupid does that make them? I mean, think about it, the only way these guys can feel okay about themselves is by turning the human race into colossal idiots and then establishing a secretly controlling relationship over them. The secret elite might be a bit smarter than the average Joe, or have a shade more sophistication, but seeing as how the average Joe or average Josephine has now been socially engineered to be a complete and utter dumbass what does that say about the super secret-elite? Not much of a standard, is it? They love to lord it over a bunch of narcotized narcissists – that is their buzz, that is their trip. But what does that say about them, huh? Wouldn’t you call that ‘ridiculously immature’? What a colossally stupid bunch of moronic dipsticks they are! I am lost for words even thinking about it…









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