In The Vastness Of The Night

You live in a world of entertainment. Let’s be very clear about that – you live in a world of entertainment and that’s all there is to it. If something wasn’t entertaining you then you just wouldn’t have it there; you’d have no time for it. It’s the same for people of course – if a particular person didn’t entertain you in any way then would you have any time for them? Of course you wouldn’t. Let’s be reasonable here. Let’s at least try to be halfway honest! Let’s not be completely ridiculous here. Let’s call a spade a spade and get over it…


You live in a world of entertainment and you need entertainment. You need it real bad. You’re crying out for it. When there’s no entertainment then you start to spot things about yourself you don’t want to know about and everyone knows that that isn’t good. Yes indeed, all the things that you really don’t want to know. All the things, all the things. You never knew they were so many. The hell with that, right? Fuck that shit. You haven’t got time for that type of shit – no way have you got time for that type of shit. That’s the very worst type of shit, as we all know. The very worst kind. The fucked-up kind.


The aliens were signalling in the night. All those different colours blinking away inscrutably in the velvet darkness. All the different types of aliens, all the different types of aliens. All out there in the vastness of the night. You never knew that they were so many different types! Your mind is crumpling under the awareness of it. You knew all the basic types of alien of course – everyone knows all the basic types – but now you are bewildered by the sheer variety that you sense all around you. You’re frankly bewildered, you’re out of your depth. You’re out of your depth and all around you flash the multicoloured signals of a myriad alien civilisations…


You keep on walking however. That seems to be the best course of action, somehow. You keep on walking, pretending that you know where you’re going and why. All the different types of aliens! So many different types, so many different types. The night is full of their activity. The night is pregnant with their activity.


Some of them are communicating with your brain of course. Some of them are always communicating with your brain – night or no night. Mysterious signals are unfolding – the mysterious and incomprehensible messages of the inscrutable alien races, menacing and mystifying in turn. Their silent chatter is signalling all sorts of things – things you can’t even begin to understand, things you will never ever understand. All of this activity is unfolding around you in the vastness of the night.


The alien civilisations are majestically inhuman – there are so far beyond us. They communicate silently in the night in languages we shall never understand. Their intelligence is not for us – it is too cold and too lofty. It leaves us far behind. Ancient legends tell of the star people. It’s too late for us to understand now though – much too late. They will go their way and we will go ours; they will go their way and we ours…








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