The Bullshit Zone

We all know the truth can be anything we want to be of course and that’s why we are all forever yapping so heedlessly. Yapping heedlessly is the name of the game, it is the preoccupation we all adore, it’s the preoccupation of choice. You are being politely asked about your hobbies and you reply – as quick as a flash – ‘Why, yapping heedlessly of course!’ Everybody has to have a hobby, after all. Truth has become a degraded commodity however and there is no getting away from that. We all derive a benefit from the truths which we utter as I’m sure you will agree. We stand by our truths and derive the precious validation to our being that we so desperately need. Let’s not fool ourselves on that score – we might not like to admit that we need this validation but obviously we do. Why else do we come out with our home-gown petty truths if not to benefit from them in some way? We bask in such glory as they may afford us, little enough as that may be, little enough as it may be. We need it benefit our being since what is being without truth? Truth is our sustenance after all you see, it is our sustenance and it sustains us. We are obliged therefore to speak our truths to the best of our ability in whatever fashion or style we might be able to do this. And yet this is where the plan all goes awry. This is where things come seriously unstuck because – due to our profligacy – truth has become such a degraded commodity that is barely worth the effort needed to utter it! What an unfortunate predicament this puts us in – we need our truths to in order to validate our being and yet the ‘truths’ we come out with are so terribly drab and banal as to be barely worth the effort! We could very easily slip into the negative zone – perhaps we already have slipped into the negative – the zone where we expend vital energy (not very much, admittedly) but instead of getting validation back from the truths that we have so proudly come out with we are devalidated instead, drained of our vital being by the godawful rubbish that we have so inanely spouted. How many of us can put our hands on our hearts say that this is not our situation. Is there a ring of truth to this, would you say? Is there perhaps more than just a mere ‘ring’? Does it resound within us with a din that cannot be denied? We are well and truly caught when this happens of course because we’re going to start panicking – as sure as eggs as eggs – we’re going to start panicking and start spouting rubbish at an even greater rate than before. The rubbish then stop pouring out of us unchecked at this stage and don’t tell me that you haven’t been there for I know well that you have. What a terrible situation to be in though – what a terrible situation to be in… We wish to bask in the glory of the tremendous truths that we have uttered so that we can in fact be revealed as heroes rather than the ordinary quasi-useless human beings we are but instead of that we stand there appalled – mortified by what we have just said. “Was it really me who just said that?’ you ask yourself rhetorically and YES it absolutely was. It absolutely was you. It is just as if you had farted loudly at a formal dinner party and not only did you five loudly but you farted foully too and all heads turn to look in your direction – elegantly dressed ladies in all their finery and fine gentlemen in their magnificent attire, disturbed if not shocked from the cultural conversation they were nobly engaged in by the demonic bellowing of your fart and the hideously rank odour that enveloped all within your vicinity and a good few sitting quite far away as well. How to live how to live that down, that is the question? How will you ever manage to raise your head again in polite society, or in any sort of society for that matter? Even the rudest of fellows would quickly expel you from their ranks on the foot of such a fart as this and you know that to be the truth – it’s no good arguing with yourself and trying to convince yourself otherwise. Even you – helplessly habituated to your own outrageous bullshit as you are – could not possibly manage to believe such a whopper as this! Such is our situation therefore when we transition imperceptibly into the ‘negative zone’ – that zone where the effort we put into stating our truths (as we all must state our truths) is repaid not in glory but in shame, in appalling ignominy. Oh that we could be like Plato, thinking deep and then uttering magnificent truths, splendid truths, but no, we cannot. Indeed we cannot…








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