I really do think that I’ve got psychomotor retardation. I’m not just being flippant here – even though I can admit that my nature is to be very flippant about everything. I’ve had enough therapy to recognise that! That’s how I avoid reality of course, by being annoyingly flippant at every opportunity. And even if there isn’t an opportunity I create one. That sounds very positive doesn’t it? Create your own opportunities – don’t wait for someone else to create them for you. Don’t wait for someone else to create an opportunity for you because they won’t. You’re fooling yourself if you think they will. You’re fooling yourself like a sad pathetic fool. Do you ever get the feeling that you’re just a very bad copy of yourself? I’m not being flippant now, by the way. I’m being deadly serious. I’ve never been more serious. Never been more serious, never been more serious. This is actually a very important and very meaningful question as far as I’m concerned. Of all the disasters that could possibly befall a person this is unquestionably the very worst and most pernicious, but you do have to think about it a bit first. I have think about it a bit first, anyway. I’m a bit slow that way although I appreciate that you might not be. I’m as slow as molasses but I get there in the end. Usually I get there in the end. Not always, mind. Certainly not always. I’ve been known to get there in the end – let’s put it like that. It’s not as if I’m suffering from psychomotor retardation or anything like that! God forbid. What I’m talking about here is the ancient Greek doctrine of Deteriorationism. I can’t remember the name of the lad who came up with it. He was a well-known and highly-respected philosopher, anyway. He probably still is, for all I know. I’d say he still is. So the thing is that if you are a very bad copy of yourself then you wouldn’t know it. That’s the whole point, really. If you knew that you were a poor copy of yourself then who would it be that knew that? Who’s ‘the knower’? The poor copy couldn’t know it; only the original could know that and the original is no longer part of the picture. The original can’t act as a point of reference because it’s not there. So the thing is you see that you’re the bad copy of yourself and you don’t know it and so there’s nothing to stop that bad copy deteriorating further to create the situation where you are a bad copy of the bad copy and you still don’t know. “Oh God, not that old one again,’ I hear you say, “do we really have to endure hearing you going through all that again?” “For God’s sake,” you whine, “would you not try to come up with something new!” But that’s the whole point you see. That’s the whole point – there is nothing new! You’re just not going to come across anything new you see so you’d better get used to that. Take a look around you. Take a good look around you and then tell me that the Doctrine of Deteriorationism isn’t correct! Could the world be any more degraded than this, would you say? The one thing I know for sure anyway is that if that is possible then that is exactly where we are headed…










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