That’s Why We’re All So Happy

The people were happy because their unconscious projections were going to be manifested in actual reality. They didn’t know that this is why they were feeling so happy. They thought they were happy for some other reason. They thought they were happy because of the product. ‘Oh, oh, the great product,’ they all said, ‘how marvellous the great product is and how lucky we are to have it.’ The product was all sparkly. So very, very sparkly. Everyone loved the sparkly product because it made everything so sparkly. It was an exciting time and everyone was glad. Joyful expectation was the order of the day but no one knew why they were all so joyful. They thought it was all because of the product; they thought it was all because of the product and how sparkly it was.


Some of the people were uneasy however. ‘What will happen when our unconscious or unowned projections finally get realised?’ they were wondering, ‘what will happen then?’ They were the people who weren’t quite so unconscious, of course. Some of them had taken mind-altering drugs. Some of them had had life-changing events. Some of them were odd-balls who didn’t fit in. They were uneasy and troubled because they didn’t know if it would really be a good thing when their psychological projections became real. Maybe it would be a bad thing. Maybe would prove to be a horror that no one had suspected, or ever could suspect. Maybe it would be a bad surprise, not a good one. Dark foreboding filled their hearts. Maybe the machine was evil, they speculated. Maybe the mechanism the satanic in its operation. Maybe it was the Mill of Satan.


Everyone else thought that the machine couldn’t be evil because of the pretty sparkles. They loved the pretty sparkles because they were so pretty. All of these people thought that the machine was good and that it would do many great things to help them and that it would all be very exciting. It would be exciting and good, not exciting and bad. Exciting things were very good they thought, and when the time came to purchase the product this would be very exciting indeed. The machine made the product and the product was very good because it made everyone happy and it was great to be happy. More than just ‘great’ it was of vital importance because everyone wanted to be happy and everybody liked it. Being happy was good. The sparkles made people happy too because there were so pretty…


Purchasing the product is very important because when we purchase the product our unexamined projections come true! We didn’t know what exactly was going to happen when our unexamined projections came true but that was okay – we knew it was all going to be very great indeed and that was all that we needed to know. That’s all anyone needs to know – that it’s all going to be super-great and super-wonderful. We talk together about how great it is going to be. ‘It’s going to be so fabulous, isn’t it?’ we say, and then the other person will reply ‘Yes, yes, yes – it’s going to be so fabulous for sure!’ And then everyone feels excited. ‘Lie on the blue dreamer and put the helmet on your head’ the robot voice in our heads tells us. Lie on the blue dreamer and put the helmet on your head, lie on the blue dreamer and put a helmet on your head, lie on the blue dreamer and…


We were happy because the good thing was going to happen. We were happy because it’s a good thing when the good thing happens. Everyone knows that – everyone knows that’s a very good thing when the good thing happens. There isn’t going to be any argument about that, anyway! We don’t know why it’s a good thing for the good thing to happen. Who’s to say? We don’t need to know anyway. It’s bad form to ask. It’s not really the done thing. We all know that being happy is good and we all know that purchasing the product is going to make us happy. It’s a happy thing because that’s when our projections become real. That’s when our dreams become real. We don’t really know what our dreams are of course – we never really look into that very much. What we do know however is that it’s going to be good. It’s going to be great and that’s why we are all so happy…










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