A World Of Entertainment

I didn’t want to be just another demon or ghost or vampire trapped in the D-Realms. I didn’t want to be just another evil spirit or hungry ghost like all the rest, buzzing around malignantly but yet sluggishly like so many tired old bluebottles trapped in a jam jar on a hot summer’s day. I didn’t want that, I didn’t want that for me. What a sad, terrible life that would be, I said to myself. It would not really be a life at all of course; that’s not ‘a life’ that we are talking about here, it’s something very different. It’s something much more forlorn, much more lonesome than that.


What could be more lonesome than being a hungry ghost forever wandering the D-Realms? I didn’t want this type of life for myself because I knew that it wasn’t a life. It was like being trapped in a nightmare that you couldn’t escape from. We all know that type of nightmare don’t we. It’s the type you know you can’t escape from. We are all on the run from that type of nightmare aren’t we? We’re all in the same boat – you’re a bluebottle trapped in a sealed jam jar and you can’t escape. There’s no way that you’re ever going to escape. You don’t know that though – you keep on thinking there’s a way out. You never give up hope, you never give up trying. You don’t understand the true nature of your predicament at all.


You’re living in a world of entertainment. Everything is there just to entertain you. Every single molecule you come across is there purely to entertain you – they are molecules of entertainment and they are made up in turn of atoms of entertainment. Entertainment is big business you see. Entertainment is the only business. The show must go on, after all. The biggest problem you could ever encounter would be if the atoms of entertainment somehow failed to entertain you. What would happen then? Can you imagine what that must feel like? All of a sudden you’re not being entertained – there is a break in transmission, an unaccountable error in the reality signal. The inconceivable has finally happened and no one knows how to deal with it.


Every single one of the atoms of entertainment have their origin in you, you see.  It is vitally important to understand that. This is of critical importance. The atoms of entertainment are your own projections. You’re emitting them yourself from a special Transmitter Box that is hidden in a hidden place. It might be hidden under a big rock on the other side of the world, or it might be hidden in a deep, dark cave under the mountains. It might be hidden in the belly of a fish. This is the ‘Projector Box’ and it mustn’t ever be damaged. The Projector Box projects you and it projects your world, and if anything happened to it then you won’t ever have existed. This is not the same as being suddenly ‘wiped out’ because when your Projector Box fails that means there was never anyone there to be wiped out in the first place. It’s the Double Negation – is the Negation of the Negation.


No one must ever find the Projection Box. It must never ever be brought to light. Your enemies are searching for it of course. They’re searching night and day. They’re tireless; they want to find and destroy it. Search and destroy, search and destroy. Your enemies are endlessly resourceful and they never give up. You have to keep yourself entertained in order to keep on existing. That’s the only way you can continue to exist – by being entertained constantly. You have to keep on distracting yourself from seeing that you don’t exist, that you never have done. You have to be dedicated to the mission.  You must think positively at all times. You must have goals. “But what if I fail?” you ask yourself all of a sudden, stricken with that terror which has no name – “What if I fail…?”








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