The Mask Slipped…

The mask slipped, revealing the hideous corruption that lies beneath. Revealing the hideous corruption, revealing the hideous corruption. Revealing, revealing. Alas for us poor servants of corruption! Alas for us. What a wretched lot is ours – what a grim, wretched existence this is. Can you even bear to think about our wretched unhappy existence, the misery and self-loathing that each day brings to us? I doubt if you can, I very much doubt if you can.


Not that I blame you for that, you understand. Not that I blame you for your squeamishness – I can’t bear to think of it myself, never mind blaming you for averting your gaze! Just keep on walking, just keep on walking. Keep looking straight ahead, pretend you don’t see anything. Look straight ahead and keep on walking – isn’t that the way?


It’s all so very easy to blame, far too easy to be healthy, that’s for sure! So very easy, so very easy. The blame and condemnation comes out all by itself! it’s like allowing yourself to be used as a conduit to channel effluence, it’s exactly like that actually. That’s actually just about spot on. If you really get into it you can feel yourself channel the Big One – the full toxic load of hell. That’s the mother lode, that is…


Can you imagine that? Can you imagine the utter degradation of such an eventuality? Utter degradation would be putting it mildly, I’d say. You’d be getting off lightly in this case – you would be lucky to get off with utter degradation. The full toxic load of hell will be pouring through you and is no calculating just how unpleasant that would be. There’s simply no calculating that kind of thing.


How a good yield would you say that you’d obtain after emptying the hell of its toxic burden of malice? That would be some yield, wouldn’t you say? A rich vein to tap into, by all accounts. There is a well that isn’t going to run dry any time soon, that’s for sure! There is a resource for you to gloat over now – the toxic effluence of hell! ‘I suppose so,’ you reply listlessly. You’re feeling fed up at this stage, of course. You’ve lost interest. You just want to get on with your life – you’ve got things you need to do, after all. You are peeved with my long-windedness. ‘Does this guy ever bloody shut up?’ you are asking yourself. What is all this fucking shit anyway?’ And if this is what you are thinking then I can hardly blame you for it. Who am I to blame you, anyway? What right have I to be pointing the accusing finger? Blaming is the odious process of channelling Satan and all his demons anyway, as we all know. As we all know only too well…


Would you blame someone for channelling Satan, after all? Would you say that it is their fault? People like to talk about ‘opening Pandora’s box’ I know but this type of talk is all very glib. It’s offensively glib in my view. Who knows whether opening Pandora’s box is good or bad? Everyone says that it’s bad – ‘Oh look.’ We say, ‘look at all the bad stuff that came out of Pandora’s box. Before that because everything was just great and now you’ve spoiled it…’ That’s what people always say, isn’t it? Folk just love to say that.


People love to say all sorts of things though don’t they? All sorts of things. People love to say all sorts of things. You know well that they do – you know that as well as I do! We all say that it’s a sin to sin, we all say that sinning is bad. But is it? Is it really? Maybe it’s okay, maybe it ISN’T a sin to sin but just a necessary thing. Just like it was a necessary thing to open Pandora’s box. Someone had to do it, after all…




Art: Rene Magritte






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