All My Life I Had Been Running

The people were angry and they wanted to harm me. They wanted to harm me with their weapons. I was running, as always. I was running as fast as I could. I was running because I was so full of fear. Never had anyone been as full of fear as I was, I felt. The fear was a physical presence for me, I could smell it, touch it, taste it… It was up-close and personal. My body was full of these fear molecules. The molecules were talking to me all the time; the molecules were talking to me with many mouths and each molecule was telling me something different. As I ran I could feel sharp burning pains in my legs and on my face – they were shooting at me with their weapons. I tried to dodge them but I couldn’t. All I could do was to keep on running. The weapons were not designed to kill but to introduce their chemicals into my body; they were the delivery system for potent psychopharmacological agents and I could feel the micro-pellets releasing their chemical cargo into my circulation. Some of the molecules were friendly and some of them weren’t. Some were old friends. Some of the molecules had spirits in them and some of the spirits wanted to tell me things too. They wanted to tell me things but I had no time to listen. The world was a blur because I was running so quickly – all my life I had been running, but now it was more important than ever! Some of my life had been spent hiding and the rest of it had been spent running – whenever my hiding place had been found out then straightaway I had to start running all over again. My life was either running or hiding, running or hiding. When I was hiding I would pretend to be a human being. In the far distance I could hear the crowd roaring – they wanted to kill me because of the bad thing that I had done. They were very angry. My legs burned from where their weapons had hit me and all the time the spirits were talking to me and sending me information. They were communicating via pictures. They were explaining to me about the Integesic Universe. I couldn’t understand what they were telling me. Then I came to a hiding place and buried myself there, making myself very small and inconspicuous. I was good at doing this. It was my psychic power. I was living in a flat in Angell Park Gardens in Brixton. Some of my friends dropped over to talk to me from time to time. I wasn’t sure if they were dead or not. Some of them were very deteriorated and I couldn’t follow what they were saying. They didn’t know either because they were so deteriorated. Then all of a sudden I could smell ozone in the air and I knew that a Discarnate Being was now very close, trying to lock onto my position. Telepathic tendrils of psychic energy were feeling their way into my mind – these tendrils knew me far better than I knew myself. I knew myself through them and this terrified me more than ever! All my life I’d been running. Either running or hiding, and all the hiding places were now gone…







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