Society’s Appalling Dross

I saw the possibility of redeeming myself and becoming a human being once more. I wasn’t going to take it of course, but I was aware that it was at least there. The temptation to conform to logic is very strong, isn’t it? The urge to conform to logic is immensely strong and yet where will this get us? ‘Obey the logic, obey the logic, obey the logic’ – that’s what my mind keeps saying to me. My mind is a stupid bastard see; I’m making no excuses for it! That’s why it’s so important to be a rebel, do you see? That is why being a rebel is absolutely vital in the grand scheme of things. Not that there actually is a ‘grand scheme of things’, of course. And if there was then we’d have to rebel against it anyway! Damn right we would; we would have to wear a T-shirt that says ‘Rebel Against the Grand Scheme of Things!’ The GSOT only exists to be rebelled against, you see. That’s the only point in it, that’s the only possible point in it. And yet the thing here is of course – and we all know this – that society (or any other group of mentally inert and compliant human beings) will always claim, in their utterly ridiculous stupidity, that the thing to do is obey the requirements of the GSOT, not rebel against them. Can you believe that! And of course we can believe that because that’s exactly what we’ve been coming up against all our lives. Can you imagine getting things so wrong though? Can you imagine getting things so very wrong? So sadly wrong, so dismally wrong. ‘Hey look – there’s a rule – let’s all obey it and recriminate viciously against anyone who doesn’t obey as we do. ‘Obey the rule you damn rebellious bastard,’ we say, ‘obey the rule or we’ll kick your bloody head in…’ Wholesome goodness, wholesome goodness, get some wholesome goodness! That’s what the adverts say. They’re trying to poison our very core of course, and so far they’re doing very well. So far they’re doing a very good job of it. Credit where credit’s due, I always say. Credit where credit’s due… When reality shows itself, what you think it looks like? How does it intimate itself to us, how does it get through our defences? It’ll shine through in some oblique fashion or other, at one stage of our lives at least, but then the thing is that we will cover it over. We will bury it with dross – and when I say ‘dross’ I mean dross. I don’t mean anything else, in other words. I’m not groping for the right word or speaking in vague terms or anything like that. I mean dross. I mean ‘the appalling dross of our everyday lives’. Is there anything more toxic, is there anything more sickening? ‘Please sir, can I have another helping of society’s appalling dross?’ And all those people who we hold in high regard, the movers and shakers, the big wheels, the ones we hold to be somehow significant – they are dross merchants one and all. Purveyors of high quality dross for the discerning palate. It’s impossible to be a person of any account at all in this society of ours without being a merchant of dross! If you have any actual standing in this world then you’re an official representative of dross. Dross is what you are advertising after all. Dross is what you stand for, and there is no getting away from that. What a thing to consider though, wouldn’t you agree? What a joke.  And where do you think all this dross comes from? How is it generated? What is its source? You see where I am going with this line of questioning, no doubt. Naturally you do. Of course you do. Widespread dross is the automatic result of obeying the law! Dross always comes about as a result of obeying the law. How could it not? What else would you expect?







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