Report On Planet Earth

I had been invited by the Hue-Minz to act as an independent investigator and adviser with regard to the question as to why their society was failing. It wasn’t particularly difficult for me to spot what the problem was – what was difficult was finding a way of breaking the news to the Hue-Minz. I suppose I’m just too soft-hearted really, I suppose that’s my problem. They had invited me over in good faith and I – for my part – had been delighted to respond. I’m nothing if not public-spirited. What to say to them though? What to say? Hue-Min society was in a terrible state for sure, I could see that straightaway. I could independently verify that fact. It was in an absolutely appalling state. Somehow the most nefarious individuals – individuals would have been branded as criminals in any sane society – had been allowed free rein, and not only had they been allowed free rein, they had also been allowed to take up all the positions of power, with the result that no matter how badly they behaved they could never be held accountable. Far from being held accountable these nefarious individuals wrongly accused others of being responsible for the harm they had caused, decent Hue-Minz whose only fault was that they were powerless and dispensable. The innocent were persecuted left, right and centre whilst the wicked prospered and had many friends and admirers. Sometimes they even blame lizard-aliens for their own incorrigible wickedness! From my research I could see that this had been the pattern for the whole of recorded human history, which did not of course bode very well for the future. To my amazement I found that Hue-Min society seemed to have no regard at all the mental well-being of its members – they only thing they seemed to care about was something that they call ‘commerce’, which involves the buying and selling of all sorts of useless (if not actually harmful) junk. Their planet is actually filling up with all the rubbish that they produce! Instead of encouraging their children to develop their higher psychic faculties they do the very opposite and trick them into believing that they will be happy only if they concentrate on being greedy, competitive, insensitive, and focused entirely on themselves. The ability to trick or deceive other Hue-Minz is actually regarded as being the most valuable faculty to develop – the most successful in this regard can then go on to become lawyers, politicians, advertising executives, hedge fund managers and CBT therapists. And then the Hue-Minz go on to wonder why everything around them has gone to rack and ruin! When people do develop the higher faculties (and they do from time to time, against all the odds) they are told that they are suffering from some kind of made-up illness (which no one can actually explain) and are medicated for it with spurious medications! Can you believe that such a scandalous misuse of power is allowed to continue? I have never come across any civilisation anywhere in the course of my travels (which are extensive, as I’m sure you know) in which such a grotesque travesty had been permitted. The situation is so bad, the misuse of power so endemic, that I scarcely know where to begin in listing the problems that need to be fixed, and in my analysis of the root cause of this planet-wide malaise. This is the horrible dilemma which I find myself facing. The only answer I can think of is to return to my spaceship in the dead of night when everyone is asleep and get the hell out of here. That is in fact just what I plan to do – I’m going leave this hellhole, this cesspit of mendacity, fraud and deception, as soon as ever I can and make very sure never to come back!











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