The Devil’s Work

I had become Satan and Dominion over the World had been given unto me. The world was mine to do with what I pleased, and this was only right. Has it not been written that Satan must rule the visible world, the world of form, and holds dominion over it? Men think that they have triumphed over me but really they have just put more power into my hands! Great indeed is the power that men have placed in my hands, and you can be sure that I shall not fail to use it. Never before has my power been so great as in this age. My power is all but complete. All machines, all bureaucracies, leap to do my bidding – they are as eager to serve me as I am to command them.


The machines are darkness bringers, just as I am. They are bringers of darkness, as are all the corrupt institutions of man. As are all the corrupt institutions of man. Did you ever wonder why institutions unfailingly become evil? It is because they partake of my essence, which is the essence of darkness. Take away the light and there I am, waiting to talk with you, waiting to lead you astray in some way or another. Take away the light and there I am, every time. I wink at you, I’ll tip my hat at you – you see if I don’t. But do you even have a hat, you might ask me? Would you actually be wearing such a things as a hat and if so what type of a hat would it be? Would be a bowler or a topper, a beret or a Fedora? But that’s not really the point though, as you’re probably starting to realise. That’s not really the point at all.


I had become Satan and Dominion of the Earth had been given to me. It had been handed me on a plate. This has always been the way anyway – this has always been the deal since time immemorial. There is no real conflict here you see and there never has been. The big story always is that there is conflict, but that’s only how people like to understand it. Philosophers have always known otherwise – only fools believe that the universe runs on the basis of conflict. That’s the show that’s been put on and only fools believe in a show! Can you imagine anything more foolish than this – can you imagine anything more foolish than believing that the show which has been put on is the real thing? It never fails to amaze me how incredibly dull-witted human beings are. There is no talking to them – there really isn’t!


No one needs to oppress and enslave humanity – they do that all by themselves. They always have done. How busy they all are! What exactly is it that humanity is busy doing, have you ever asked yourself that? Probably you haven’t asked yourself that but I will ask the question for you. They call that Socratic questioning, don’t they? Allow me to take you by the hand, and take you to a place where you don’t want to go! Folk always like to blame someone else for their afflictions, but I’m telling you here and now that you’re doing it all to yourselves. You can blame the devil if you like but let me tell you straight – it’s all your own doing! It never ceases to amaze me how diligent people are in constructing their own prison cells – you couldn’t stop them if you wanted to and I don’t particularly want to stop them really. It’s not my job to be stopping people from making themselves miserable, after all. I don’t really see that as being part of my job description.


The joke is – just in case you didn’t get it – that people do the Devil’s work for him and they always did. They just like to say that the evil lies elsewhere. They just like to say that the source of evil somewhere else – certainly not in them, anyway! It’s the Bad Fella, the Big Bad Dude. That was never the case though. The earth lies under my dominion it is true, and let no one doubt it. The earth was given to me and that is the agreement that has been made, time immemorial. But there is no work needed on my part, no work needed at all. The truth of the matter is that I’ve never had to do a thing!








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