The Best Buzz In Town

Well there are buzzes and then there are buzzes, that’s what I always say. Everyone’s always chasing some sort of buzz, after all. I mean, that’s what we do, isn’t it? We chase buzzes. We’re looking for the good old buzz because the good old buzz is the thing. Everyone’s busy chasing after their own kind of buzz, the kind of buzz they’re habituated to chasing. People are such curious things, aren’t they? So very curious. I mean, just look at them! People really are so fascinating… We don’t know it of course because each one of us is too caught up in our own trip to notice. We don’t notice anything, come to think of it – we’re too busy ‘chasing the buzz’ for that!


Perhaps you like to keep everything neat and tidy, perhaps that’s your buzz? Perhaps you like to be smarter than everyone else and prove that they’re just a bunch of dumbshits. Perhaps you like to be right all the time, maybe that’s your buzz. We all know that one, right? Maybe you’re into some kind of negative buzz-type thing – maybe you like to bring yourself down all the time by telling yourself that you’re the dumbshit at every available opportunity. The list of possible buzzes is endless and we won’t get to cover even a fraction of it here! Not even a fraction, but even a fraction.


We’ve all got our own buzzes to be chasing – you can take your pick! There’s one for everyone in the audience – the buzz of choice, the buzz of distinction, the buzz that says something about you. The buzz, the buzz, the buzz. Even the word itself is a bit buzzy, don’t you find? I swear to God I’m getting buzzed even talking about it. Have ever noticed that, have you ever notice how even thinking about a buzz is enough to create a buzz in its own right? There’s a psychological fact for you right there, handed to you on a plate! Free of charge, free of charge. Like those tiny little thimble-sized samples of food they hand out in supermarkets when a new line comes out.


I consider myself a bit of an expert on buzzes, as it happens. A bit of an expert, bit of an expert. I consider myself a bit of an expert on most things come to think of it! You can’t tell me anything because I always know better. That’s a bit of a buzz in itself isn’t it – thinking that you know more than everybody else. Thinking that everyone else is a dumbshit. Everything’s a buzz really – either of the positive or negative variety. Either you’re having a good buzz or you’re having a bad buzz – it’s either one way or the other, don’t you agree? If you’re having good buzz then you want the whole world to know about it and if you having a bad one, you still probably want the whole world to know about it. The world always needs to know after all. Wouldn’t you agree? The world always needs to know – unless it doesn’t!


In the past I used to be very interested in finding out what the King Buzz was – the ‘Boss Buzz’. The one they all talk about. ‘Yeah man,’ I’d say to myself, ‘that’s the one for me. The Boss Buzz. I don’t want to be messing around and wasting my time with anything else.’ I’m in the market for the best buzz in town, so don’t be bothering me with anything else! Don’t try to fob me off with an inferior product because I’m a discerning customer. I don’t want any of your crappy old buzzes, just the best. Only the best, only the best, right? That was me; that was my attitude – poor fool that I was. I can see that now of course. You see one day I really did get the buzz I was searching for – I really did find the best buzz in town, only to discover very quickly I didn’t actually want it! You know the buzz I’m talking about I suppose! I’m guessing that you do, I’m guessing that you do…




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