Here is an interesting fact for you. In the future everyone eats a breakfast cereal called Froosties which is made up of reconstituted dehydrated human bioplasm just like they had back in the Cannibal Age at the end of the Third Transhuman War. The war was fought by microbial nanobots and the Flesh was the first victim. The cost was great but then the Flesh rose up again and with was victorious against the black tide of nanobiots. The Flesh rose up supreme, drawing upon its hidden resources, fighting off all the intrusions to its integrity. The transhumans, confused and disorientated, retreated into the nooks and crannies of the subatomic realm where they laid low, as low as they could possibly could. The victorious New Flesh was unlike the old however; it was unlike anything the earth had ever seen before. Some said it was monstrous, others that it was a miracle. The new Flesh was unlike the old and it had to feed. It had to feed, and that’s where the old flesh remained useful! In the middle of the night I call out the names that I alone know but no one hears me. There is no one left to hear me. I am he whose task it is chronicle the unfortunate history of humankind and transcribe this sad tale into the DNA of as yet unheard-of viruses. When the time is right I shall manufacture these viruses on an epic scale and release them to colonise the universe! They shall travel through interstellar space, borne by the solar winds. The time is not yet ready however. In the future age which is yet to come but of which I have already written the only food left is the breakfast cereal known as Froosties. It is manufactured by swarms of huge automated self-replicating factories in geostationary orbit around the damaged and distorted husk of the planet Earth. It is manufactured out of reconstituted human bioplasm via an industrial process developed during the rigours of the Cannibal Age. Advertising executives with the bodies of giant maggots and the heads of ravening hyenas work all day long to come up with cheery advertising slogans to encourage us to have our three bowls a day. Anyone found guilty of not eating the required quantity of Froosties are immediately conscripted and sent off to fight in the Cryogenic Wars, which are wars that are fought in super-slow motion. Every manoeuvre takes centuries to complete and no definitive conclusions will ever be possible. Although temporarily vanquished, the Transhuman Hordes are fighting back on a hitherto unknown timescale, via stealthy actions that take place far too slowly to be measured. Faced with this terrible penalty, most opt to eat their three bowls of Froosties a day, despite the fact that it doesn’t taste very nice. It is all part of a profoundly unethical inhuman experiment – there is no such thing as ‘ethics committees’ anymore, needless to say. All that matters is the data that is to be obtained, the data that will aid us in wars that are yet to be fought against enemies that have yet to come into being! All this and more I chronicle, and this too is part of a vast inhuman experiment!










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