Victory Song

So anyway the time had at last come – the time of the supreme victory of the triumphantly joyful ego. How splendid was that? The time had come and great things were to come to pass and what greater thing could there ever be than the long-anticipated moment of supreme triumph for the gloriously resplendent ego? This trumps everything – by definition there can be no more splendid outcome than this. By definition there cannot be, by definition there cannot be. What could be more delightfully pleasant than to anticipate such a splendidly marvellous outcome? What could bring greater joy? What could induce more splendid feelings of wondrous exaltation? How great a thing is this, this moment of supreme egoic fulfilment? In my head, trumpets were sounding and angelic choirs were singing – that’s how important the moment was. Although I realise that I have already made this point. In my head divine trumpets were sounding. I had drunk deep of the elixir of the gods. The good thing was about to happen and that’s all you or I need to know. The good thing was about to happen. Final vindication was on its way and boy was that going to taste sweet! I had drunk deep of the Mystical Elixir; I had drunk deep of the Celestial Nectar. In my head I am already up at the podium accepting my prize. It has been a long time coming – many years have I spent in the wilderness being abused by fools who know no better. Many years have I spent in miserable obscurity my genius unrecognised even by myself. And now the moment is here – the moment of supreme egoic fulfilment. How sweet this moment will be! At last the recognition that I am due – for far too long have I been working in a shit job in a lousy shit-hole of a place, working for shit money and getting nothing but abuse. Too long have I been on the receiving end of petty criticism and thinly veiled jibes. Even the dogs in the street were more respected than me. Even the dogs on the street had better prospects than I had. At least they could piss on the wheels of cars. At least they weren’t the butt of every joke going. But now my time was coming. I felt dizzy at the approach of glory – the Glory Train was about to pull into the station and I was going to embark. The Glory Train was pulling up at the platform and I was going to board it! I was going to leave this benighted hole of a place. ‘If this isn’t vindication then what is?’ I asked myself. This was an important moment, I told myself soberly – a moment that should be properly savoured and must not be rushed. A moment like this is worth waiting for, I told myself – the moment of supreme egoic gratification!







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