Intruders From The Demon Realm

What happens when the machine turns evil? We never ask ourselves that, do we? Because that’s exactly what it will do at some point – let’s not mince words, let us not fool ourselves about that. Machines always turn evil in the end, as the literature shows. As the history shows! It’s a well-known fact, only somehow no one knows it… We’re all so great at charging ahead without knowing what we are doing, is what I’m trying to say. We couldn’t be any better at charging ahead without knowing what the hell we’re doing, and then refusing to admit – later on – that we don’t know anything and that we’ve made an unholy mess. If prizes were awarded for this we would get every prize going! Our trophy shelves would be overflowing. Great indeed would be the honour that we would have obtained. Great indeed would be the honour that we would have earned…


All that is very hypothetical however since there is no honour to be had as a result of rushing ahead like a total fool and making a complete mess of things – no honour accrues to a fool, as we all know very well. You wouldn’t expect it to. No honour ever accrues to a fool, and never shall it either, and for this reason all our supposition is in vain. So what does happen when the machine turns evil, as machines (by reason of their lack of Divine Origin) always do? What steps should we take to safeguard ourselves? Alas, this question too is in vain because we exist in the shadow of these evil machines, we exist in the cold dark shadowy world that has been created by them. This being the case, how are we ever going to think straight? Our very thought processes are governed by the dark hand of the evil world-machine so no bright ideas will be forthcoming there, I can promise you that! The machine can hardly be expected to plot against itself, after all.


When the intruders come (and they always do come) they will set up shop with the most extraordinary insolence and disregard for any other authority than themselves. Their sense of entitlement is truly remarkable – there really is nothing like it. Perhaps you have noticed this for yourself? From the very moment they move in they act as if they own the place. What is more, they will straightaway start to run everything you own into the ground. They will trash the gaff, as is their wont, as is their way. The truth is of course that they have no right to come barging in and making a squalid unholy mess at your expense, in the way that they do. That’s a given. Obviously they don’t really have the right to make a home for themselves in what is your own God-given abode – these are loathsome intruders from the Nether Worlds, these are creatures of the Infra-dimensional Abyss, and so they have no rights in the World of Light. They are demons from the hell realms. And yet these interlopers from the Shadow Realm have absolutely no qualms about turning up and running the place into the ground. They don’t doubt themselves at all. This surely is a psychological marvel?


And yet it turns out that this isn’t the real marvel all. The real marvel is that we let them, and that we see nothing wrong in facilitating these unholy intruders to do whatever they want to. We will in fact aid them to the very greatest extent that we are able. We will willingly become their slaves, in other words. We won’t even put up a fight. Or if we do, it won’t be until it’s far too late for that. But even that isn’t the true marvel. I saved the true marvel for the last – the true marvel being that when the intruders come we forget all about ourselves in the twinkling of an eye and imagine that we are these wretched squalid demons! We think we’re them. Everything we are familiar with about ourselves and think is us is really them. We support and facilitate them so very much that we regard ourselves as actually being them and any suggestion that we are not them is met with either incredulity or abuse. Such is the nature of our situation and no matter which what else you might say about it, it doesn’t make for a pretty picture!


We are the hosts and they are the unsavoury guests, and the very first thing they will do is to turf us unceremoniously out of our favourite armchair. They will turn us out of the house and make us sleep in the chicken coop! That’s their very first move. We are the hosts and they are the guests and they will straightaway proceed to suck us dry – they will straightaway proceed to eat us out of house and home. They take everything we’ve got, and more. And astonishingly we think nothing of it! Astonishingly, we don’t seem to mind at all. So if that doesn’t strike you as being somewhat odd, I don’t know what will. What in God’s name is wrong with us, anyway?








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