Tales Of The Deranged Ego #1

Within the Hallucinatory Realm the ludicrous fantasies of the deranged ego can have free rein and this of course can prove to be a very unpleasant business. There’s nothing particularly pretty about the unbridled fantasies of the deranged ego, as I’m sure we can all appreciate! This fact hardly needs to be pointed out, but still we must. It hardly needs to be pointed out, but that’s exactly what we must do…


To grant the deranged ego free rein is of course to unleash a veritable hell-world of squalid, self-serving fantasies, as I’m sure we can all appreciate! I can see from the knowing look on everyone’s face here that we all appreciate this. That much at least is clear. The deranged ego never knows when to stop and that’s the simple truth of the matter. That’s in it in a nutshell – the deranged ego doesn’t know when to stop. Give it a nanometre and it’ll immediately take a hundred and twenty parsecs. Isn’t that the truth of the matter? Give the deranged ego an Angstrom unit and it will straightaway take several hundred thousand light-years, and that – to be perfectly honest – is only going to wet its appetite for more!


Beware of trying to satisfy the unholy appetites of the deranged ego. Isn’t that a piece of advice we would all be better off taking heed of? Who amongst us has not gone down the road of trying to satiate the unholy appetites of the deranged ego and then gone on to regret it? I’d be the first to put my hand up to admit to having made this particular mistake! There’s no shame in owning up to the truth my friends and I’d be the first to put my hand up to admit to having gone down this particular road many, many times. More times than I can remember, in fact! To say that this is a road which I know well is an understatement…


I say that there is no shame in owning up to the truth but now – having said that – I feel obliged to point out that sometimes there can be shame. There can indeed be shame on occasion, and plenty of it… Sometimes there can be shame so intense that when you might wonder how a person could possibly live with it. Sometimes the shame can be so cruel that this seems to be no way to live with it, and yet live with it we do. And yet live with it we do. Perhaps we become poor nocturnal creatures and only come out of the house at night when no one can see us. Perhaps we grow to hate and despise ourselves and treat ourselves as badly as we possibly can, hoping that in this way we will extirpate at least some small portion of our intolerable suffering. I don’t know. I don’t know what strategies we might have to adopt in order to live with the shame. I really can’t imagine what strategies might be necessary in this case…


What I do know is that we have all at some time made the unfortunate and regrettable mistake trying to satiate the vile, unholy appetites of the wretchedly deranged ego in the forlorn hope that if we give it what it wants then there might finally be some small amount of relief to be had at the end of it all for us. We hope – do we not – to gain at least a few brief moments of peace as a result of placating the horrifically inappropriate demands of the terminally distorted and deranged ego, and who can blame us for that? Is a little bit of peace too much to ask for, after all? That doesn’t necessarily make us terrible people, does it? There has to be some understanding in relation to this type of situation, I would have thought. There has to be some modicum of understanding at least, wouldn’t you say?






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