The Impossible Dream #2

I was thinking about the impossible dream


I was puzzling over it a lot


I was doing some very serious thinking


How impossible is the impossible dream, I wondered?


Is it very impossible?


Is it only a tiny bit impossible?


These are some of the thoughts I was thinking. I was thinking them in the privacy of my own head, which is where I usually do my thinking


But not always though. Not always…


I winked at myself in the mirror as I said this –


A big slow wing, a meaningful wink


I was sharing a joke – a joke I could not ever hope to understand


What is life all about, I asked myself?


Why do we get born?


What was the point of that?


Those were also some of the questions that I had running around in my head. No shortage of questions. Plenty there to be getting on with…


No one can deny that we do get born – I think we can all agree on that!


We can all agree about that. All of us here – all of us sitting here at this big long table. We can all agree on that, although I don’t know if we will. Possibly we will


In my imagination, I can see all of us solemnly nodding in agreement with each other


Solemnly, solemnly, solemnly


So solemnly


We all nod our heads, we all nod our heads – a valid point has been made and no one can deny it…



Art: Stargate SG-1





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