Sick As A Parrot

I am sick as a parrot, I am as sick as a dog.


You make me happy – but at a terrible price…


And when I say ‘happy’, that’s probably not the right word. Not quite the right word. Not quite the right one. Not entirely right, not entirely right.


Now that I come to think of it, there’s no need to bring happiness into the equation at all! It’s a lot simpler to stay away from happiness altogether and just stick to the business at hand. Whatever that might be… No need to mention happiness, no need to go into that.


I’m as sick as a parrot, I’m sick as a dog. I don’t feel right in myself at all. Sick as parrot, sick as a dog. Sick as a parrot, sick as a dog.


People sometimes bring me news of the outside world but rarely can I be bothered to listen to them. Rarely can I be bothered. ‘What’s the outside world to me? I ask. ‘Why would I concern myself with such empty talk?’ I can see their lips move for sure, but I confess to having little enough interest in what they have to say.


I’m the type of guy who likes to march to the beat of his own drum. Only not really. I lost my drum a long, long time ago. And anyway, it was broken…


I’m the type of a guy, I’m the type of a guy. I’m the type of a guy likes to think outside the box. Only not really. I don’t even know what the outside of the box looks like! I’ve regressed so far that I’ve got my own private box inside the box and even afraid to come out of that!


I’m not feeling so good today. Not so good at all. I think I got chronic fatigue syndrome – my arms and legs are like four lengths of overcooked spaghetti splayed out around me. They are skinny and white. They don’t even look as if they belong to me! It actually hurts when I try to look out from my eyes – I’m trapped in a cave deep inside my own head and it takes too much energy to take an interest in the outside world. I’d rather not know about it. I don’t care about the outside world and the outside world doesn’t care about me…


I’m writing a poem in honour of my addiction. It goes like this:


I’m as sick as a parrot, I’m as sick as a dog


You make me happy, but at a terrible price…


Only it’s not so much ‘happy’ you make me, not really. There’s no need to bring that into the equation! Definitely no need for that, definitely no need for that…
















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